What Types Of Bingo Games Can We Play Nowadays? 

The bingo game has gone through a few iterations since its inception in the 16th century and has done a tremendous job of remaining popular with many people across Britain. The game is as popular as ever, and more and more people around the world are enjoying bingo than ever before. Today there are more bingo games and more ways to play and access them.

The online space has made access to the game more convenient and enabled the proliferation of different versions of the game. Usually, the number of bingo balls used and the types of patterns you mark out on playing cards determine how a game is and the level of excitement it brings. The fewer the balls, the more thrilling it is, but you can also spice things up by adding elements such as music. Join us as we explore what types of bingo games there are today and what makes each different.

Bingo Games

1. 75 Ball bingo

As the name suggests, 75 Ball bingo is a bingo game played with 75 balls. It’s most popular with players in the United States and Canada, where it was firsts started. The game’s playing cards have 25 squares arranged in five rows with five numbers, plus a free space in the middle. Furthermore, numbers are in groups of 15s for each bingo letter. For instance, B can carry 1 to 15 and I 16 to 30, but in random order.

To win the 75 ball bingo game, you must fill out a column, vertical, or diagonal line of five numbers. You can also fill out the four corners of the bingo card or all the squares for a full house to win. This gives you more chances of coming out on top, unlike when playing 90 ball bingo with fewer patterns—allowing you to get the most out of your gaming deposits when playing competitively.

2. Music Bingo

Music bingo will be excellent if you’re a music fan and like a little excitement while playing your games. The bingo game is unlike any other and can fit into formal events as well as casual friends hanging out gatherings. The rules are simple and easy to follow if you already play bingo. Instead of using numbers on the bingo card, you replace them with song titles from a playlist.

Furthermore, you replace the caller with a DJ who shuffles bits of the songs, which you mark on your card once you recognize them. And as with other bingo games go, you call bingo when you fill out a row of five songs or mark out the entire card for a full house. This bingo game is one of the most exciting and, unlike the rest, the only one you will play while dancing.

3. 90 Ball Bingo

You will be familiar with 90 ball bingo if you’re from Britain. It was first introduced in London bingo halls in 1960 and has remained popular even in the digital age. And besides being one of the oldest versions of the game, it’s also one of the most fun bingo games. The gameplay runs on a 90-ball configuration, and the bingo cards have a three-by-five grid with fifteen numbers.

To win the game, you must fill out a single line or two lines or the whole card for a full house. Unlike 75 ball bingo, you have fewer opportunities to win this game as each only has three winners. In addition, when playing 90 ball bingo online or in a bingo hall, you can buy a single ticket or a strip of five with numbers from 1-90.

4. 30 Ball Bingo

If you play bingo, you know that sometimes when playing the traditional versions, games can tend to stall out and last for long periods. Some like this about bingo, but for most, this can get boring and monotonous quickly. However, 30 ball bingo brings back the excitement to the game by drastically cutting down on that time by increasing the game’s pace.

The game uses 30 numbered balls and a three-by-three bingo card with nine squares. Each column consists of random numbers that add up to thirty and depending on where you’re playing the game, online or in a bingo hall. You might be required to mark out a particular pattern of the entire card.

This makes 30 ball bingo an excellent choice if you want to play a quick one or two games during a break. And will give you multiple chances to win over other, more extended game iterations.

5. 80 Ball Bingo

80 ball bingo is another old version of the game that’s beloved in the UK and most other parts of the world. As with other forms of the game, the number of balls used are equal to its name, and the playing card has a four-by-four square grid with sixteen numbers. One differentiating factor about this game is that each column has its unique colour and random placement of numbers in a one to eighty sequence.

Furthermore, each player partaking in the game gets a strip of five tickets with eighty random numbers and specific patterns to fill out. The first player to mark the patterns wins, which are unique for each game.


As far as games go, none comes with more history and variations than bingo. No one could have pictured that what started in humble Italian streets could one day become the worldwide attraction and source of joy it is. But as much as the game of bingo has survived, it has also changed over the years, and recent digitisation efforts have only accelerated that evolution.

However, we hope this piece helps illuminate some of those changes and even shows you that the game is still the same old one you once fell in love with. We also expect more changes to occur as it continues to take over the online space and as more people worldwide start to play. But we are confident that no other place will adore the game as the UK does.

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