5 Movies To Watch When You’re In Your Feels

Whenever you’re in your feels it’s hard to break out of those deep emotions and watch something funny or light-hearted. Sometimes the best thing to watch is a sad and super emotional movie that keeps you working through your feelings. This list is 5 movies that are perfect for you to watch when your feeling down or the weather is dark and grey.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

This confusing, romantic and beautiful movie will have you questioning what the true meaning of love and life is.

Blue Valentine

The most normal relationship depicted on screen. Love that turns to lust that then turns to hate.

My Girl

Doesn’t matter how old you are the ending is tragic.


If you like crime then this one’s for you.

Virgin Suicides

This mysterious movie is the perfect combination of serious mental health matters and fun teen angst.

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