Norwegian Skin Care Brands to Check Out on Black Friday

Black Friday has become the norm in Norway for the past few years. Norwegians have always waited for this once in a year shopping experience to get their desired goods and products. Reviews in Norway show that Norwegians wait for the end of the year sales to shop their favourite products. 

Do you care about your skincare and want to leverage on the opportunity of this coming black Friday? This article has revealed the Norwegian skin care brands that have the best black Friday deals in Norway. Check them out below.

Black Friday in Norway

Although many explanations connect the term to the idea that shops operate at a loss or “in the red” from January to November and that Black Friday is the day their profits turn around (in the “black”), the name actually has a longer history than that. It was first used in Philadelphia to describe the obnoxious crowds of people hitting the streets in quest of a deal.

Black Friday is the day following the U.S. Thanksgiving Day. It has historically been observed by many workers as a holiday. It is generally a day chock full with exclusive sales and deep discounts and is regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Originating from the US, black Friday found its way into the shores of Norway and other Nordic countries in 2013. 

Norwegian skincare brands to check out on black Friday


Sesderma is a pioneering brand in the field of dermo-cosmetic innovation. In 2010, Sesderma revolutionised the field of skincare by introducing nanotechnology into its formulas. Through the use of nanometric liposomes, Sesderma is able to deliver skincare activities to the deeper layers of skin; the result, of course, is optimal tolerance and maximum effectiveness.

Sesderma offers up to 25% off any skincare products you purchase on Black Friday.


Kunkei uses unique formulations infused with pre- and postbiotics to restore the skin’s microbiome equilibrium. This is a fundamental pillar of Kunkeei’s approach to skincare. By choosing Kunkei, unwanted and damaging bacteria known to cause an array of skin-related issues, including acne vulgaris, will be eliminated. Kunkei is a reliable skincare brand to check out on Black Friday in Finland because they offer up to 20% off any product you buy. 


Launched in 2010, Alexander Sprekenhus’s eponymous brand has skincare, haircare, body care, and perfume in its wheelhouse. With simple, beautiful packaging and a mix of botanical ingredients, this is a brand that’s great for sensitive skin.

Although some Norwegians claim that it is a skincare product suitable for men, anybody needing tough, effective skincare can use it. It has great design, no animal testing, and product development in Norway with top Scandinavian dermatologists. Check their Black Friday sales to get amazing discounts on their products. 

Rå Organic

Made with 100% organic and mostly natural ingredients; you’d be forgiven for thinking that Rå Organic isn’t for people with real skin problems. Actually, it was developed to combat atopic eczema, and all products are certified by a toxicologist and chemist. So if you’d like to try out some natural products but are afraid they don’t pack a punch for your skin problems, this is the brand to try. They offer good black Friday deals. 

Marina Miracle 

After searching for a natural cure for her eczema, Marina Engervik developed “miracle” oil that finally relieved her skin condition, hence the name. Her product quickly gained traction, and she began creating more organic products. This brand is located in Oslo, and if you stay near or don’t, you can check them out for a free skin consultation! 

As this year’s Black Friday deals draw near, your skin is essential to your well-being and should get adequate care. Make the most of the black Friday deals.

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