Which stores have Black Friday in Sweden?

Black Friday is here again, and we’re all excited about it. To avoid unnecessary hassle, ReviewsBird has the real idea, different opinions of people, and all you need to know about black Friday, black week, and cyber Monday in Sweden.

Black Friday in Sweden is a few weeks away, and I have compiled a list of stores with the best black Friday deals in Sweden. Many stores are running Black Friday sales, but some deals are better than others.

Ride with me to find out. 

What is black Friday

Black Friday originated in the United States. It happens on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

In the early 20th century, stores arranged their goods during Thanksgiving Day parades, and it was during one of these parades that the very first Black Friday took place. The first known Black Friday occurred in 1924 when the Macy’s store chain hosted a large Thanksgiving parade in Manhattan. It ended with Santa Claus appearing to inaugurate the Christmas season and the start of Christmas shopping. Although Black Friday can be traced back to the 20th century, it was not until around 2013 that it officially came to the Nordic countries. Since then, Black Friday has grown more and more with each passing year. In fact, black Friday has given birth to whit Monday in Sweden.

Stores that have black Friday in Sweden

Granit Store 

Granit is a lifestyle store. They sell practical products for your home, office, or garden.  Granit stores sell home and garden products like paper, plastic, and wicker storage solutions.  They also provide a basic range of glass, porcelain, lighting, tealight holders, vases, fabrics, spices, plus bathroom and kitchen products.

So, if you want to purchase any glassware or want to change your bathroom, kitchen and garden equipment, the Granit store is the best bet. 

The good news is that granit stores offer black Friday sales. You can get up to 40% off of any of their products.

Ecco Store 

Ecco stores provide fashionable and comfortable footwear for women, men, and children. Ecco offers comfortable boots, shoes, and sports shoes with a perfect fit from the world’s best manufacturers. Eccos shoes are suitable for a long walk, jogging and even at parties.

You will be spoilt for a choice of stylish designs and colours with unique, elegant features. Ecco Shoes has been producing the most innovative shoe designs of premium quality for 48 years so they are experienced in shoe production. 

Ecco offers you a wide range of boots and shoes, pumps, sneakers, walking shoes, and sports shoes to choose from.

Ecco shoes have black Friday sales. To get your desired footwear at a lesser price for the festive season, Eccos is surely a good trial.

Cubus Store 

Cubus is located in the Mall of Scandinavia. Here, you will find the latest in fashion for women, men, and children every week. Cubus is one of Scandinavia’s leading fashion stores. Cubus offers black Friday sales, so you can get tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, shoes, jeans, shorts, jumpers, knitwear, pants, shirts, lingerie, underwear, and accessories for a cheap deal.

Are you stuck on what to wear for Christmas? Check Cubus stores for cheap black Friday deals.


Hifi Klubben

Electronics, clothing, and interior designs top the chart of black Friday purchases in Sweden. Hifi Klubben provides all kinds of home sounds. Their speakers provide serious hi-fi and top-class entertainment, and they crush anything with the slightest tendency towards the cheap canned sound. So, whether you’re a hip-hop freak, electronic, arena rock, classical, big band, or something else, you get a speaker that completely spills out the beat and provides premium entertainment.

Good sound is as important as good visuals. Hifi provides a matching sound with movies, games, or series. Hifi gives you a grand cinematic feel at home in your own living room.

The good news is that Hifi does black Friday sales, and you can get this good experience with up to 20% off. Great news, isn’t it?

Boohoo Stores 

Boohoo store is a global brand for girls. Boohoo provides affordable fashion for all. So if you want a reliable dealer for fashion and lifestyle for all the occasions in your life, boohoo ranks high. Dress, wigs, joggers, sneakers, and sunshades are available at the Boohoo store. For their black Friday sales, you can get up to 50% off of any product you buy. You don’t need to break the bank to change your wardrobe.

As this year’s black Friday draws nearer, many stores are rolling out ‘too good to be true offers.’ However, many real stores offer real discounts on their products. I have listed some above.

Happy shopping. 

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