Sportswear You Need To Ensure A Safe Workout

Getting ready for a workout takes a lot of motivation, as no one wants to get off of their comfy sofa and head out to the gym. In times like these you might be tempted to chuck on any old clothes and work out. But this can actually be doing you a lot more harm than good as it’s really important that you wear the correct gym wear. In fact, not wearing the correct clothing when working out could lead to injury, putting you out of action for weeks. So, keep reading and discover the types of sportswear you need to ensure each and every workout is a safe one. 

Braces and Straps

Clothing isn’t the only thing you should consider wearing when going to the gym. Braces and straps can really make a difference in the amount of support that your joints get and can really prevent the worsening of an injury. It’s a good idea to look at the best knee brace for working out if you find that your knees are struggling during your routines, as they can help keep your knee cap and surrounding joints in the correct form. Straps are also useful for helping with injuries as they put pressure on the tendons and alleviate stress on your joints. So, if you notice a twinge in any of your joints, it’s wise to pop a strap or brace onto the affected area to ensure you don’t hurt yourself further. 

Correct Trainers

Next up is your footwear! Each different type of exercise can need a different type of trainer, so it’s important that you’re equipped with the right one. Running puts a lot of impact on all of your joints, so it’s vital that you wear proper running shoes before doing so. Running shoes are specifically designed to absorb the impact and can be made a lot tighter around the ankle to give it the proper support. Weightlifting often required a flatter shoe so that you can really plant your feet firmly into the ground. Wearing super cushioned trainers when trying to weightlift can actually make the process harder, as you aren’t able to put enough pressure into the soles of your feet and steady yourself. If you’re doing interval type training, you may need a lighter weight trainer to help you become more agile on your feet, but still absorb the impact. So, make sure that you always put the correct shoes on for the sport you’re doing, and you’ll be able to prevent injury a lot easier. 

Sports Bras

Sports bras are essential pieces of gym wear, and if you don’t wear a properly fitted one or forgo wearing one at all, you’ll soon feel the pain that it causes your back and chest. No matter what type of exercise you’re doing, you need to ensure that you’re wearing a fully supportive sports bra that will help to keep everything in place. If you’re doing a high impact sport like running or one that involves lots of jumping, you’ll need to go for a sports bra with the highest amount of support. This is because these activities will put a whole lot of pressure on your chest area and can really do you some damage if you don’t wear something supportive. While you don’t want one that’s too loose, you don’t want one that’s too tight either, as it will only cause you discomfort. A good tip is to go for one that’s adjustable. This way you can tailor it to fit your body and won’t have to settle for one that’s not right for your body. 

Breathable Leggings

What you wear on the bottom is also very important and wearing the wrong ones can cause all sorts of issues. No matter what type of exercise you do, you’re probably going to end up very sweaty. So, it’s essential that whatever type of leggings you choose are breathable and help wick away moisture.  You also don’t want them to be rubbing in any tight areas either, as this can cause soreness and chafing. The leggings that you go for need to be non-restrictive too so that you can actually move about freely without any tightness across your lower body. 

Jackets and Hoodies

While it’s not always going to be cold in your gym or designated workout space, there will be chilly winter evenings where no amount of cardio warms you up. So, adding a lightweight jacket or even a sports hoody can be a great extra to your gym gear. Not all hoodies are thick, long line things that trap all the heat in either. You can find plenty of thinner ones that are cropped to help keep the air circulating through. Being so lightweight also means they can be popped into your gym bag if you do get a little warm, allowing you to be in control of your temperature during your workout session. 

Being too cold when you workout can actually be a detriment to your performance, as your muscles work at their best when they’re warm. When you’re sufficiently warm, your muscles can exert great force too. So, if you can’t lift as heavy as you could previously when it was hotter, the cooler temperatures could be the culprit. 

Creating the perfect workout wardrobe is actually quite easy when you know what to look for and what helps your body to perform at its best too. Avoiding clothes that aren’t fit for purpose is your number one priority, and it’s vital that you only wear gym appropriate clothing that’s designed for working out in. Making sure that you have a fully supportive sports bra, the right type of trainers, and breathable clothing can really make all the difference to how well your exercise session goes. So, as you can see, by wearing the correct sportswear, you can greatly increase your chances of a successful workout and prevent yourself from injury.