Wondering If You Need Mediclaim Policy for Cancer? Read This!

The National Cancer Registry Programme reports that India is expected to witness 80,000 new cancer reports annually. The primary cause of cancer in India is tobacco use. It is responsible for up to 50% of cancer among men in India and about 17% of cancer reported among women in India. These statistics make it clear that it is imperative to purchase good health insurance for cancer to be financially secure in the event of a cancer diagnosis. 

This article delves into some of the many reasons you should buy a mediclaim policy for cancer in India today. 

  • Rise in The Number of Cases
  • The number of cancer cases in the country has been steadily rising. Today, one in every six deaths is caused by cancer. Even children are not exempt from the clutches of cancer, as it is reported that around 4 lakh children are diagnosed with cancer every year. These statistics reveal that cancer is to be expected as one lives in today’s day and age. Health insurance for cancer is your best possible protection against the expenses that an unfortunate event of a cancer diagnosis would bring with it. 

  • A Family History of Cancer
  • Today, the large number of cancer cases diagnosed and their resultant long-term treatments have consequently led to a considerable rise in the cost of cancer care globally. Added to this, if someone in your family has battled with cancer, the probability of you being diagnosed with hereditary cancer later in life increases multi-fold.

    Therefore, if you know your family history of this disease, it would be wise for you to opt for a mediclaim policy for cancer early in life. You must be mindful of any pre-existing cancer condition, as the policy does not cover an already diagnosed disease.

  • Get Money Back if Unclaimed
  • One major apprehension that the commoner raises about purchasing health insurance for cancer is that the money invested goes to nothing when unclaimed. However, this is far from reality. Reputed insurers like Care Health Insurance offer their customers a “No Claim Bonus”, i.e., a bonus for every year in which no claims have been made under the cancer policy. This way, you will be financially protected in the event of a cancer diagnosis or receive a bonus in the latter case. 

  • Second Opinions are Covered
  • A disease like cancer demands the right diagnosis and immediate medical attention to stop the situation from worsening. In case you’ve been diagnosed with such an ailment, a mediclaim policy for cancer from top insurers like Care Health Insurance provides you with the option to get a second opinion in India if you wish to. Care Health Insurance also gives you the additional benefit of an international second opinion while availing of cancer treatment.

  • Hospitalization Expenses are Covered
  • Health insurance for cancer covers the expenses that would be incurred in the event of hospitalization for cancer treatment. In addition to expenses during in-patient treatment, the best cancer plans in India also cover treatment expenses before and after hospitalization. Such a comprehensive cover makes the policyholder’s financial liability of treatment minimal. 

  • Annual Health Check-ups
  • Studies reveal that the best cancer treatment can be charted out upon early diagnosis. Health insurance for cancer can help with that as it covers a health check-up during every policy year. These check-ups can be done at any of the network hospitals of the insurance company or at a service provider who has been empanelled with the company for this purpose. 

  • Tax Deductions 
  • In addition to covering medical expenses, health insurance for cancer also makes the policyholder eligible for tax deductions. The premium paid towards the cancer plan can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act,1961. This way, not only do you financially secure your future, but you also save money for doing that. 

    Now that you know the basics of mediclaim policy for cancer, it would be best suited to visit Care Health Insurance and check their comprehensive plans, which offer you plenty of benefits at an affordable premium.