5 Tricks That Can Improve Your Probability Of Winning Blackjack Online

Online blackjack is simply the digital manifestation of the age-old card game, with the same goal of beating the dealer's hand without going bust. However, the online version paves the way for new dimensions of accessibility and convenience.

Plus, the virtual embodiment of the game often comes with many customizable features - different blackjack variations, rooms according to your competence level, and player modes.

Have you ever wanted to try your luck in this game? If so, below are key strategies to implement to win more every time you play.

Understanding Your Cards and Their Values

The cards specified by numbers 2-10 are the same as their face value. On the other hand, the royals each count as 10, while the Ace holds a dual value. It can either be 11 or 1. The player decides whichever value is advantageous to them.

Identifying each card's value is critical for determining your hand's worth before you make your next move when you play blackjack online. Additionally, it guides you when deciding whether to hit or stand.

Be Prudent When Deciding to Make Your Move

In online blackjack, nearly all outcomes are ruled on chance. Therefore, it's best to exercise caution when deciding which moves to make. These include a double down, hit, split, stand, and surrender.

Generally, you should always hit if your hand's total is at least 11 to maximize your chances of defeating the dealer. The odds of making a blackjack and acquiring an Ace with 11 points are more significant than getting a card that'll make your total points over and above 11.

On the other hand, if the dealer has a five-card showing and you have a soft 16, then you should hit. There's a high possibility that you'll make an 18 or a 21 with your next card. But if you have a hard 16, stand because there's a high chance you'll go over 21 with your next card.

Moreover, doubling down is a powerful play that can yield an enormous reward. This move is ideal when your hand's total value is 9, 10, or 11 because, in these cases, you have a high chance of acquiring a solid hand by drawing another card.

Furthermore, when you have a pair of 2s or 4s, you can split them and use them like two independent hands. You must split for the same amount as your original bet.

Lastly, if things are not looking good, you can surrender. This move lets you lose your hand and recover half of your wager. Only use this strategy as a last resort.

Stick to The Blackjack Variation You're Most Comfortable With

Blackjack has more than 100 variations. Some are nearly similar to the classic game but offer a unique side bet. On the other hand, other variations are unique, with peculiar rules and twists.

Due to the addition of specifications and rules, the odds of winning are also different. With that in mind, it's ideal to play the blackjack game that's advantageous for you. Find a variation that's easy to understand, lucrative, and enjoyable.

One notable example is the Vegas Strip. It's one of the most popular blackjack variations that attracts players with its interesting rules and exciting game. Generally, you get to choose between a single-hand or a multi-hand mode. In this game, you can double down on any two cards and split a maximum of four hands.

Another variation worth mentioning is the Atlantic City Blackjack, which uses eight decks of cards. Plus, late surrendering is allowed. You can double down on two initial cards and split pairs up at least three times.

Whatever game type you choose, ensure that you understand it and can benefit most from it.

Keep a Cheat Sheet

You can easily save a cheat sheet in your browser while playing blackjack online. This sheet bears all possible plays, depending on your cards and the dealer's. It's the perfect tool to maximize your chance of winning and enhancing the game.

It's crucial to analyze the cheat sheet to make informed decisions thoroughly. The good news is that you don't need to make a cheat sheet because many websites offer pre-designed cheat sheets based on different scenarios. You just have to study them to learn the best moves when playing.

Don't Make Insurance Bets

Players are offered blackjack insurance bets if the dealer's up-card is an Ace and a ten. It pays out at 2/1, and the highest bet allowed is half of the player's main bet. When the bet is won, the player doesn't earn more money. However, instead, they earn their original bet. 

Although it may seem appealing for the player, probability suggests that it's likely to be a losing bet in the long term.