8 Persistent Myths About Online Football Betting

You probably read those vague theories about non GamStop football betting. A good substantiation is missing, but they still linger somewhere in the back of your mind. Now is the time to put an end to that! We present you the 8 most common myths about betting at an online bookmaker without GamStop.

Myth 1: Bookies Are Always Right

Online bookmakers have their business well organized. They work with professional odds compilers that do nothing more than analyze football matches in order to arrive at the correct odds for each bet. Knowledge and experience are abundantly available, but that does not mean that they are always right.

You may have the impression that non GamStop bookmakers 2023 have all sorts of mysterious data at their disposal that you can’t reach. It is as if advice automatically rolls out of the computers that causes the bookies to know exactly how to use the odds distribution to make. Nothing is less true! Because even with online bookmakers it is human work. Of course, there are plenty of statistics available. But they still have to analyze and interpret all the data themselves. A bookmaker can miss crucial details or simply make a wrong estimate. They aren't as omniscient as they sometimes seem.

Myth 2: Betting on High Odds Results in a Loss in the Long Term Anyway

Odds reflect the probability of an outcome. You, therefore, take a risk if you opt for a football bet with high odds. That risk may be rewarded once, but the reality is that you lose more on these bets than if you defaulted to lower bets.

Many football bettors believe that they will never make a profit in the long run if they cling to high bets odds. In other words, the losses do not outweigh the winnings. A logical conclusion, since many platforms warn you about bets with odds of 5.00 or higher. We also warn against this, but then we are mainly talking about high odds coupled with poor preparation. If you do your research and patiently await your chances, those high odds do their job.

Myth 3: Strategies Aren’t So Effective, You Have to Be Lucky

If you read between the lines a bit, the above myths also immediately debunk this third myth. Winning football betting at non GamStop bookmakers is not a matter of luck. A strategic approach really takes you the furthest.

We cannot ignore the fact that luck is an important factor in football betting, but it isn't all-determining. In fact, they are a much smaller part than you might think. With a good betting strategy (such as smart bankroll management, betting using the Martingale system, live betting with the 79th minute strategy or keeping a track record) you will still get the furthest. The times that you just have pure bad luck, you have to take for granted.

Myth 4: Online Football Betting Is Rarely Profitable

Non GamStop bookies aim to make a profit. After all, they are commercial companies that cannot live off the wind. They want to make money and to achieve that, they need your lost stakes.

When you lose a few times in a row, it's easy to fall back on that one persistent myth. Because hadn't you read somewhere that football betting is rarely profitable? Bookmakers do indeed benefit if you lose a lot of bets. But at the same time, they also need enough players to visit their platform regularly. They, therefore, do not benefit from the fact that football bettors always have to add money in the longer term. The chance that a huge exodus will then take place is simply huge.

When things don't go so well and your distrust of the bookmaker increases, think of that ever-growing group of professional gamblers. They do nothing but place bets and they make good money with it. So can you, even if on a smaller scale. To make a profit in the longer term, it is important to work in a structured way. Make sure you have knowledge of the different betting markets, that you always do thorough research, and that you gradually learn where there is room for improvement. Whether or not you will be successful is entirely up to you. Betting on football at non GamStop bookies can certainly be profitable.

Myth 5: Bookmakers Will Ban or Limit You if You Win Big

If you look online for experiences of other football bettors, there will always be someone who accuses the bookmaker of cheating. “This bookmaker immediately bans you or imposes a limit if you win a lot and often,” it says.

It is a fact that online bookmakers without GamStop want to win as much as possible. In this respect, individual football gamblers differ little from the big gambling companies they compete against. So someone who wins a lot and often will get the title of 'most appreciated player'. However, bookmakers without GamStop do not just have the right to close or limit an account. 

Myth 6: Follow a Good Tipster & You Will Accumulate Winnings

It is tempting to depend on a tipster and blindly adopt his predictions. This saves you a lot of work, because suddenly you don't have to dive into the statistics yourself. And let's face it… that expert will know it all, won't he?