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May 5, 2010

A Petite Girl’s Guide to Style

Shopping for your size and specific body shape can be extremely difficult, especially since fashion mags, advertisements, and even in-store displays usually push outfits that look great on girls who are relatively tall and skinny. For petite girls, it's hard find clothes that are both flattering and stylish - especially when you don't have the body of shorty celebs like Nicole Richie and Hayden Panettiere!

Aug 12, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Oversized Sweaters for Fall

While I'm enjoying summer's warm weather, there is one thing I'm really excited about for fall: cozy, oversized sweaters. I know, I shouldn't wish away the summer months, but seeing all those fall clothes out on the racks is getting me super pumped for sipping a hot coffee in my fall wardrobe on the way to class. Sigh.

Aug 5, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Hoodies

While hoodies don't exactly have a rep for being fashionable, every girl has a few in her closet. They are pretty much THE staple in every college wardrobe since they are comfy, warm, and easily slip on over whatever you wore to bed last night. Even hardcore fashionistas have lazy days!

Jul 29, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: All You Need Is Tights

Throwing some tights in the mix is insanely cheaper than buying a new wardrobe and you can really create tons of new outfits with just a few pairs. Tights can function merely to keep your legs warm when it gets chilly while also adding style with bright colors and patterns.

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Jul 22, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Boots

When summer rolls around, boots get shoved to the back of the closet along with heavy coats, sweaters, and scarves. But who these days can afford to buy a wardrobe for each season? And who wants to give up wearing the fabulousness that is a hot pair of boots for nearly half of the year?

Shopping Your Closet: Leggings

Fall merchandise will be arriving in stores over the next few weeks, and while it may be tempting to run out and get a whole new back to school wardrobe, don't! Wait for sales to begin, and shop in your closet instead. One item that the majority of college girls have in their closets are leggings.

Jul 15, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Long Necklaces

Long necklaces, like these from J. Crew, can add glamour to any basic look: a cardigan and tank, a dress, even a pantsuit (if, you know, you're going for the Hilary Clinton look...)! But there are several other uses for long necklaces, as well. You just have to think outside the box a little bit.

Jul 8, 2009

God’s Gift to Ailing Feet: The Fold-Up Ballet Flat

Are you sick of waking up in the morning with black feet/someone else's chewed up gum between your toes? Perhaps you should invest in a pair of Fit In Clouds fold-up flats.

Jul 6, 2009

Jul 1, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Toughen Up A Sundress

The best outfits happen when you mix two contrasting styles to create something totally new. Recently, the feminine yet edgy trend has been spotted on many celebs, including Demi Lovato and Lindsay Lohan. The leather jacket adds a tough element to a floral dress, making a new and totally unique look.

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Jun 24, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Summer Scarves

I know there is a serious anti-summer-scarf movement out there, but I am not a part of it. I love scarves - yes, even in the summer. They are really versatile pieces and can really add a lot to an otherwise boring wardrobe.And they can be incorporated in many ways - not just tying those suckers around your neck.

Jun 17, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Long Skirts

So, long skirts were in style at some point in the last 5 years and you somehow have, like, 12 taking up space in the back of your closet. You're obvi more into the show-off-your-legs kinda skirts these days, but you can't bear to part with them. You don't have to - in fact, they could be the most versatile pieces in your entire wardrobe!

Jun 10, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: The Basic White Tank

Everyone has a basic white tank, like this classic Theory top, in their wardrobe. Maybe you wear it under a sweater, or with sweats on a lazy day. However, that basic white tank is not reaching its full fashion potential. Such a versatile piece can be worn in so many different ways, it's like having ten outfits in one!

Jun 3, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Last Summer’s Shorts

It's (finally) June, which means shorts weather is fast approaching! I personally find it hard to spend a lot of money on shorts. I mean, they're like 1/3 of a pair of pants for a similar price. Scam? I think so. Plus, they can only be worn for a few months a year. I'd rather invest in jeans or tops I can layer that work year-round.

May 27, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Just Add a Belt

Adding a belt is one of the easiest ways to update an outfit. Instead of going out and spending your money on an entire new ensemble, pick up a fun, stylish belt that works with something you already own!

May 20, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: Old Jeans

A few pairs of old jeans are probably taking up some of your precious closet space right now. They don't fit, they're out of style, and you haven't worn them in years. But don't be so quick to throw them out! Jeans are the easiest clothing items to update.

May 13, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: The Mini Dress

A mini dress is one of the most versatile pieces in your closet since it can be worn as a dress or a top. Therefore buying one is like a double investment, right? (Right?? because I just bought six.)

May 6, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: 3 Ways to Wear a White Blouse

As a college student gearing up for a summer internship or office job, you might not have a very expansive work wardrobe. Maybe your parents footed the bill for a few new professional outfits, but after the first week of work you might start feeling like you've run out of things to wear.

Apr 29, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: 3 Ways to Wear a Blazer

You probably have a blazer. Your mom made you buy it and now the only time you pull it out of your closet is for job interviews and funerals. Other than that, it just hangs there and takes up space that would be better suited for a new pair of sweats. But your basic black blazer can be very stylish and versatile!

Apr 15, 2009

Shopping Your Closet: 3 Ways To Wear A Black T-Shirt

A t-shirt is probably something you wear to the gym, or to class with a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. However, that plain, boring black tee has a lot of fashion potential. Here, I used this black t-shirt from American Eagle Outfitters to create three cute outfits that anyone could pull off. Here are three new ways to rock a plain t-shirt:

Apr 8, 2009

Rock the Look: Big Shoulders

High-end fashion brands like Brian Reyes and Louis Vuitton showcased several looks featuring big shoulders on the spring 2009 runways. While I'm not advocating stealing some eighties-style shoulder pads from (hopefully deep inside) your mom's closet, you can still rock the big shoulder trend.

Apr 1, 2009

Rock the Look: Tribal Influence

Unless it's already your style, you're probably not going to be rocking full animal print outfits to your 9 a.m. psychology lecture or feathered and beaded stilettos to this weekend's frat party. However, adding a few tribal accents to your look could be just the update your style needs this year.

Mar 25, 2009

Rock the Look: In the Nude

This spring, fashion is all about variety in your wardrobe. Although bright colors are a must-have trend this year, mixing in some neutrals is also a fashion "do." Instead of donning black, like you have been all winter, rock a nude garment instead.

Mar 18, 2009

Rock the Look: Cutouts

Cutouts are a sexy trend seen on both the spring and fall 2009 runways, so if you feel comfortable showing...

Mar 11, 2009

Rock the Look: Spring Florals

With spring fast approaching (it’s mid-March already?), the floral trend is once again in full swing. Although most people are...

Mar 4, 2009

Rock The Look: Relaxed Fit Pants

Relaxed fit pants are the must-have silhouette for spring 2009. With the correct fit, they strike the perfect balance between...

Feb 25, 2009

Rock The Look: Stacked Bangles

One of the hottest accessories trends for spring is stacked bangles. This trend is not about subtlety, but about mixing...

Feb 21, 2009

Why I’m Doing an Alternative Spring Break

When I think of spring break, I usually imagine lounging on a beach in Mexico sipping some type of frozen...

Feb 21, 2009

Why I’m Doing an Alternative Spring Break

When I think of spring break, I usually imagine lounging on a beach in Mexico sipping some type of frozen cocktail by day and dancing at a nightclub with all my friends by night. This March, instead of doing any of the above, I'll be in New Orleans with 11 strangers volunteering...

Feb 18, 2009

Rock The Look: Fall Fashion Trends Courtesy of New York Fashion Week

Even the glamorous world of fashion has been hit hard by the recession. In a time where most people are...

Feb 11, 2009

Rock the Look: Roses

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with roses? At Chanel’s spring 2009 couture show, models walked the runway...

Feb 4, 2009

Rock the Look: Zippers

Exposed zippers are hot. As in, “if you unzipped this my outfit would fall off” hot (in theory – most...

Jan 28, 2009

Rock The Look: Mixing Prints

The old rule of wearing only one print at a time is boring and, thankfully, no longer applies. Mixing different...

Jan 21, 2009

Rock the Look: Sheer Glamour

Sheer fabrics were on practically every spring ’09 RTW (ready to wear, for those of you not in the runway...

Jan 14, 2009

Rock the Look: Graphic Tees

A colorful graphic tee (like the Henry Holland ones above) will make your outfit stand out. However, if it’s not...

Jan 7, 2009

Rock The Look: Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings add elegance and glamour to any ensemble. Celebs like Catherine Heigl and Jamie Lynn Sigler rock them on...

Dec 17, 2008

Rock the Look: I Want It, I Need It

[Normally I devote this blog to helping you take a super trendy item and make it your own. But not...