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Sep 14, 2012

The 8 Traits of a Great Wingwoman [Friday Faves]

In a college world where (shocker!) people drink and hook-up on a regular basis, it's always a lovely gift in disguise to have a wingwoman by your side who supports you, sets you up for success, and is your personal cheerleader.

Jun 28, 2012

The People You Meet [Lessons from the Mile High Club]

That's what life is all about. Creating a story that you've lived, grasping everything around you and pulling it all in.

Jun 14, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure [Lessons from the Mile High Club]

Maps open a world of possibilities to travelers of every kind. Through charted courses and roads yet to be discovered.

Travel is Sweet & It Hurts My Feet [Lessons From the Mile High Club]

I’ve been a flight attendant for eight months. I’ve jetsetted to Washington DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, Trinidad, Florida, Colorado, New York, California and well…okay...Lansing, Michigan and Madison, Wisconsin.

Lessons From the Mile High Club: Lifted

I recently turned 24-years-old, had a pre-mid life crisis (that means seriously premature) and quit my job in advertising to become a flight attendant. There. It’s out there. Now you know where this is going (well, kind of).

How to Avoid a Beastly Hangover [Friday Faves]

And I'm not talking about the one where Bradley Cooper prances around and humps a tiger near a cop car. I'm talking about the one where you wake up feeling like a shriveled, dehydrated raisin, and you can barely curl up in fetal position without feeling nauseous let alone want to hump things.

Apr 26, 2012

It's Okay That I'm Not Married at 24…Right? [This Post-Grad Life]

The other day, I was at my friend's sister's dinner party -- she was throwing her husband a surprise birthday party -- and I felt terribly immature. I mean, this girl had her LIFE together.

Apr 18, 2012

7 Quotes to Live By…and 1 That's Terrible [This Post Grad Life]

In high school, I kept a notebook full of quotes. Seriously. It's in my closet at my parents' house now, completely chock-full of the cheesiest quotes I could get my over-hormonal 16-year-old hands on. Need an example of one? Luckily, I live at home and have easy access to the notebook. Allow me to share some of the highlights...

Apr 11, 2012

This Post Grad Life: Making Life Progress in Baby Steps

Lately, I've been in a huge, post-grad rut. There are so many things I wanted to accomplish IMMEDIATELY upon graduating from college (i.e. being a successful writer, getting my own studio apartment, making lots of money), and of course...none of that has happened. So all I'm left to do is sit and wonder why none of it is progressing at the speed of light.

Mar 21, 2012

This Post Grad Life: Have I Ever Been In Love?

I have a confession to make. (I really end up making a lot of those on here, don't I?) I've been in a lot of relationships. Those of every kind. Relationships that end dramatically. Relationships where he was too obsessed. Relationships where I was too obsessed. Relationships that were bittersweet and suddenly went horribly sour. But I don't think I've ever been in love.

Mar 7, 2012

The Post Grad Life: Quarter Life Crisis in the Midst of Happy Hour

The lighting in the bar was perfectly dim for a Friday night, helping to hide every outlandish thought in my increasingly fuzzy head. I only say "fuzzy" because I was deep into my 32 oz. Blue Moon, and -- let me tell you -- when you practically mainline a Blue Moon after forgetting to eat all day, something magical happens.

Feb 29, 2012

This Post Grad Life: Fabulous Grown-Up Blogs!

I remember the days when my nose was pressed against the screen in English class, trying to hide the fact that I was scrolling through Perez Hilton. I was obsessed with checking Perez regularly. How many pee-pees was he going to draw on Jennifer Love-Hewitt's face today?!? Now that I'm older and, ahem, more mature, I've found some grown-up blogs that are just as addictive!!

Feb 22, 2012

This Post Grad Life: Tasting the Humble Pie

It's only human to have those moments (no matter how long they last) when you feel like you can't do ANYTHING right. Ok, my moment has been going on for over a week. I feel like I've been spending too much money, apologizing way too many times to people, not returning things I've borrowed, slipping from my usual tip-top form at work...and it's all so exhausting. With all these mistakes, I'm feeling super guilty.

Feb 15, 2012

This Post Grad Life: I Vow…

Before I begin, this post is dedicated to all of the wonderful ladies (and men, if you're reading) out there that feel a little stuck and lost in a life post-college. The world often feels bustling with too many confident individuals and not enough nervous, actual human beings just trying to find their place -- both in the universe and in the Starbucks line each morning before work. I want you to read this post aloud with your hand on your heart and your chin lifted high.

Feb 8, 2012

This Post Grad Life: Time To Be A Little Selfish

I have discovered the answer to ALL post grad problems. The post grad problems I'm talking about consist of: stress, finding jobs that make you happy, dating mature human beings, partying, being adventurous, finding get the point. So, how are we supposed to conquer all of these grown up issues at such a young age? Be obsessed with yourself.