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Sep 14, 2013

Hey Freshman: The First Month Of School Sucks…But It Gets Better

Before you sign those papers to withdraw from college – or the college experience – completely, let me tell you: college is awesome. It’s exciting and fun and full of new people, new places, new experiences.

May 2, 2013

A Letter To My High School Self: Ashley, New York University

Over the coming days, you’ll see letters on the site from the CC staff writing to their high school senior selves. If you’re getting ready to graduate and are looking for a little guidance before setting foot on campus in August, take notes.

May 23, 2012

15 Things You Should NOT Do Online While Dating

You're taken. You're in love. And you want everyone to know. Don't get caught doing the following online -- for all our sakes.

Hulu Soon Saying Farewell to Free TV

Our favorite legal TV streaming service may soon make you pay for cable just to watch a show online. Uhh, college kids can't do that.

May 3, 2012

The 13 Most Useless Majors And Why They Don't Matter

I used to be a college tour guide, in which I told prospective students that they could choose from over 150 different majors at my school. Apparently, 13 or so of them are completely useless -- including mine. How about yours? Is your entire collegiate career a sham of actual productivity?

Apr 25, 2012

Why HBO's 'Girls' Is Better Than SATC and Anything Else on TV

If you want to escape to the glamorous side of being young, wild and free, you watch Gossip Girl. For how to be thirty, flirty and fabulous, retreat to Sex and the City. But for a generation of women trying to navigate a discouraging job market and the confusion of their 20s, there's nothing to watch on TV. Not until now, at least. Thanks, Lena Dunham, for 'Girls' -- the best show on television for a lost flock of soon-to-be women.

Apr 19, 2012

Apr 14, 2012

So Here's What Racist Fans of The Hunger Games Tweeted

We waited in line before midnight, hair braided to the side. We gawked over Effie's costumes and laughed at Peeta's attempts to spit game. And -- spoiler alert! -- we all cried when Rue died. All of us. And we didn't cry any less because the actress is black -- and then tweet about it. Is that wrong?

Apr 1, 2012

Mean Girls Exist in the Real World

Note to self -- "mean girls" exist well beyond both high school and college. And when they roam the streets of the real world like they're stomping through the school hallways, they will set you up to fall into a trash can, head first, and smile about it. Heck, I even had one for a boss once -- that woman paid me way too little for the crap she put me through for her own amusement.

Mar 29, 2012

Highly-Anticipated "Bully" Hits Theaters Tomorrow — UNRATED!

Do you remember what it was like to buy your first PG-13 movie ticket on your own? What did it feel like when you started getting carded for R-rated movies? And how many films were you not allowed to see because of a silly ratings system that has now prevented a crucial documentary from being screened to the audience who needs it most?

Mar 22, 2012

Should Fashion Modeling Require a Doctor's Note?

Some people say Adele is too fat (are you kidding me, Karl?), while others say Angelina Jolie is too skinny (what a tiny right leg to cause such a meme!). In a world with eating disorders, push-up bras and hair colors that rotate like pairs of underwear, does a healthy female body image even exist? Israel is out to find out by banning underweight fashion models for good!

Mar 15, 2012

Hot Button Issue: Should Popular College Classes Cost More Than Others?

We've all been there: the class you planned to take next semester is now full. Even though you need that class to qualify for another upper-division course, accept that dream internship AND graduate on time, there just aren't enough seats. How much would you pay to add that course? Is that even fair? Is that even legal?!?

Mar 10, 2012

What Causes Childhood Obesity And Is Worse Than Marijuana?

Eating food that come straight out of the back of a truck is heavenly. Seriously. Korean barbeque quesadillas, classic Los...

Mar 1, 2012

What's the Punishment for the Ultimate Invasion of Privacy?

Imagine if your most intimate moments were streamed live for your classmates without your consent. What's the punishment for such an invasion of privacy, especially if it revealed your secret sexual orientation and drove you to commit suicide off the George Washington Bridge? Rest in peace, Tyler Clementi. Your former roommate is currently on trial, and he'll get what he deserves.