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Jun 7, 2009

I Just Don’t Want A Baby

Earlier this morning, I watched a two-year-old (with an English accent!) walking around and laughing, and he was hilariously cute. I smiled. I said things like, "Aww...he's so smart!" And I truly meant the things I said. I truly thought he was adorable. But seeing a kid and thinking that kid is adorable doesn't make me want one.

Jun 7, 2009

Intro to Cooking: Organic Salsa

I was buying salsa in the jar for the longest time. In fact, I was buying it (at around $3 or $4 a jar) until this past week. That is when I decided to start making my own. I mean, it is cheaper, healthier and I can make it as hot (or not) as I want!

Mar 28, 2009

5 Common Myths About Sex

There are a plethora of factors separating teenagers from adults. You know you're an adult when you start practicing various combinations of adult-like things...

The Unreasonable Cost of Birth Control on Campus

When someone wrote into College Candy asking us to investigate the raising prices of birth control on and near college campuses across America, I was moderately shocked. My freshman year, not to intentionally date myself--rather to make a point, was 2002.

Top 3 Alternative Menstrual Products You Should Know

Some gals just don't want to jump on board the tampon boat or the pad barge when it comes down to periods. Is that such a crime?

5 Guy Tendencies You’re Just Gonna Have To Deal With

Men love to argue that women want to 'change' them. Ok. But that is irrelevant. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. And even if you could, would you want to be dating that dog?

Mar 19, 2009

The Worst Female Role Models: The Start of a Long List

Not that I have a real say in the matter, but I'm not a fan of females who take advantage of their positions of power, influence, and/or fame. Too many young girls are watching.

Jan 26, 2009

Labor of Love: Best Chicken Soup Ever

It’s that time of year again: cold season. Ew. I’ve been noticing more people sneezing, which is why sanitizer is...

Jan 17, 2009

I’m Headed to the Inauguration!

Knowing just what to expect out of possibly the most important weekend of my life thus far (at least politically...

Jan 14, 2009

Ann Coulter is The Anti-Feminist

Typically, a strong woman with intellect and the ability to articulate that which is on her mind is a positive...

Dec 20, 2008

You Gotta Check It Out: Etsy.com

A while back, a friend called me and broke some news to me that has changed my life completely. Cassie:...

Dec 7, 2008

DIY Xmas Gifts: Reformed Bracelets

So the economy blows. Which is pretty perfect timing considering that one time of the year we’re expected to come...

Oct 22, 2008

Scary Movies That Fail to Scare

If you’re a fan of scary movies, you may be hard pressed to choose your favorite. But oh. my. lord;...