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Apr 13, 2009

The Freshman Experience: Just the Same

I know the semester isn’t over yet - unfortunately - but I feel fully comfortable here now. Why? Because I am ready for summer. I know it’s weird to feel like I belong because I am wishing I weren’t here. But for the first time, college is beginning to feel like the good-old-(or at least predictable and comfortable) days of high school.

Mar 6, 2009

The Freshman Experience: Sick at College

So finally it is spring…well, at least the snow is sort of melting here, and the temperature is starting to...

Feb 20, 2009

The Freshman Experience: Dispelling Two Myths

So now I’m a second-semester freshman and I am finally getting the hang of what college is all about. And...

The Freshman Experience: Undeclared and Unsure

I have no idea what I want to do with the rest of my life. And yes, I know there...

The Freshman Experience: Home for the Holidays

So the thrill of the first snowfall is over, I’ve seen all my hometown friends, and I opened all my...

Move Over, Womanizers. Let The Ladies Through.

The days of pure, innocent and hard-to-get women are long gone. At least that’s what a new poll out of...

Nov 13, 2008

The Freshman Experience: Leaving Campus

I’ve recently realized that the most important thing about going to college is leaving it. No, I don’t mean going...

Oct 30, 2008

The Freshman Experience: Always Working

My roommate always jokes that I am constantly writing papers. Sometimes, I think she’s right. But I chose classes with...

Oct 16, 2008

The Freshman Experience: What is home?

I was home for Fall Break for four days, and I realized that maybe adapting to college was easier than...

Oct 2, 2008

The Freshman Experience: Always Together, Never Alone

I am never alone in college. Sure, I have the elevator to myself occasionally and sometimes my roommate is at...

Sep 18, 2008

The Freshman Experience: Are Freshmen Forever Friends?

I have been in college for almost a month, and so far my biggest problem is something I’ve done quite...

Sep 5, 2008

The Freshman Experience: College Is Not Summer Camp

The first week of college is summer camp. The second is back to reality. When I arrived on campus a...

Aug 13, 2008

The Freshman Experience: Getting Ready to Go

In a little under two weeks, I am going to college. Between the time I received Wellesley’s acceptance envelope and...