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Oct 2, 2012

California Bans "Gay-Repair" Therapy [Sex in the News]

Most mainstream mental health associations oppose "gay-curing" therapy, including the World Health Organization, which says the practice "lacks medical justification and represent a serious threat to the health and well-being" of patients.

Sep 30, 2012

Need Cute Gameday Duds? Check Out These Stores!

Back to school means lots of college sporting events to attend. Showing team spirit can be tough - licensed sporting gear can be on the pricy side, and there isn't always a lot of fashion-forward selection to choose from. Luckily there are lots of clothing stores that sell gear to deck you out for the next game. These may not be the real jersey deal, but they are budget friendly and cute!

Sep 25, 2012

Study Shows Women Speak Less Around Men [Sex in the News]

Researchers from Princeton University and Brigham Young University found that women are less likely to speak up when outnumbered by men. They have found that women speak up to 75 percent less than their male counterparts. This is something that happens in collaborative group settings, when groups are working on a project and make a decision by majority rule.

Join the Club: Picking the Right Extra-Curricular

If you've ever walked around a club fair at your campus, there's a good chance you felt a little overwhelmed. At many college campuses there truly is a group for everyone, making it difficult to narrow it down and pick a few extra-curricular activities. Whether you're looking for things to boost your resume, want to meet new people or genuinely enjoy getting involved, there's something out there for you. You just need to choose.

Arousal Overcomes Disgust [Sex in the News]

In order to get a women to be truly open-minded, you have to get her turned on. At least, this is what a Dutch study found that observed the psychology behind women engaging in sexual activities that many people might find to be off-putting.

NFL Players Speak Up About Same-Sex Marriage [Sex in the News]

Football players probably aren't the first ones to come to mind when you think about same-sex marriage supporters. But over the last week, we've seen Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings defend Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens for speaking up.

Sep 4, 2012

Prerequisite Rape Quiz [Sex in the News]

At the University of Montana, in order to enroll in classes, all students must complete an online video tutorial and score 100 percent on a quiz. It's the first university to require students educate themselves on the "myths and facts" of sexual assault.

Aug 28, 2012

Dropping The Double-Standard [Sex in the News]

College students are finally making strides towards dropping the double standard towards promiscuity. Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association showed findings from a survey of 19,000 students from 22 colleges. According to the survey, men and women are judging both sexes more equally for their sexual behavior.

Aug 21, 2012

Strip Clubs to Help Fund Rape Crisis Centers [Sex in the News]

In Illinois there's a new type of tax being rolled out to your local strip clubs.

Aug 14, 2012

Gonorrhea is Almost Untreatable [Sex in the News]

Gonorrhea (nicknamed The Clap) is only one antibiotic away from becoming untreatable. Yep, all the previous treatments are no longer responding.

Aug 7, 2012

Mustaches for Better Health [Sex in the News]

Dear ladies (myself included), it's time to stop complaining about the fuzzy caterpillars our boyfriends, guy friends and other males in our lives are trying to grow. Turns out they have a function other than showing off your hipster status.

Jul 31, 2012

Sex in the Forecast [Sex in the News]

Haven’t you always wondered what the ideal outside temperature to have sex is? Well, thanks to Trojan’s “Degrees of Pleasure” survey, it’s been revealed that Americans like to get it on during hot weather and precipitation.

Jul 24, 2012

Rounding Up Opinions On the Pregnant Yahoo CEO [Sex in the News]

The internet never fails to disappoint in providing commentary that makes me want to bash my head against the desk when it comes to successful women. This has been proved yet again when news that Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer is six months pregnant.