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May 13, 2010

Miami of Ohio Sororities Don’t Know How To Party

I've been to many sorority date parties in my college career and I can say there is nothing sloppier. For those of you who aren't part of the Greek Life crew on your campus, sorority and fraternity date parties usually go something like this:

May 7, 2010

Big Boobs, Big Money

It looks like genetics have screwed me again. A new study out of Cornell has proven the obvious that big boobs mean bigger tips for waitresses.

Apr 5, 2010

The Weekly Ten: I’m Addicted

I always knew I had an addictive personality. To be fair, though, for awhile I thought that meant that other people were addicted to my personality: my sense of humor, my charming ways, my gift giving skills... But then I got to college, smoked my first cigarette outside of a frat party...

Is This What We Sound Like? [VIDEO]

Part of me wants to hate this, to write it off as yet another stereotypical portrayal of women by loser guys trying to make a funny YouTube video. But another part, a larger and less feminist part that might still be drunk from last night, can't stop laughing.

Apr 2, 2010

When Friends Break Up…

So, I'm dealing with a really bad breakup right now. No, my boyfriend didn't dump me - that would require me to have had a boyfriend in the first place. But my very good guy friend did dump his very serious girlfriend and now I'm left in the middle.

Mar 2, 2010

I Hate You, Resolutioners

I don't make resolutions for the new year. Not only do I know I will not keep them, but I also know that anything important enough to give up on December 31st should probably be given up on any other day. I tried to give up cake once - what a disaster. Just knowing the 31st was coming and that I would soon be without my beloved buttercream sent me on a downward spiral that resulted with me, a fork and a missing Costco sheet cake.

Jan 5, 2010

Dec 7, 2009

I Didn’t Know…This Could Happen

Like most weekends, I spent my Saturday afternoon curled under a blanket in front of my TV. But unlike most weekends, I spent my Sunday buying a 3-pack of pregnancy tests, running home, chugging a bottle of water, and taking every last one.

Dec 2, 2009

I Want a Boyfriend. Do You?

With the exception of a short love affair that ended via email (which the boy addressed to Natalie), I've been single for a long three years. And I've been totally OK with that for the most part. I've really gotten to figure myself out; my good qualities (I'm incredibly generous to those I love) and my not-so-good qualities (I'm what some people might refer to as a judgmental bitch).

Nov 16, 2009

Wardrobe Wish List: Belted And Buckled Bootie

I love clothes. I have a closet full of them. And 2 dressers. And an underbed storage thingy. Yet, when it comes to getting dressed I tend to go for the same things every time. I don't know if it's laziness or just a lack of creativity, but I always find myself in the same outfit: a black shirt and jeans.

Nov 13, 2009

Need a Glass of Wine?

Sometimes you need a glass of wine. And sometimes - like after you come home from bombing an exam to find an email from your long distance boyfriend saying he "just can't do it anymore" and you knock a glass of water onto your brand new MacBook - you need a lot more.

Oct 27, 2009

Keep Him Close or Far, Far Away?

Long distance relationships suck. End of story. But what about semi-long distance relationships? You know, the guys who live all the way on the other side of campus. Sure, it may only be a mile but that's like having hoes in different area codes when you're in college. There are different restaurants over there, different bars; it's a whole new world.

Oct 19, 2009

Sacred College Knowledge Passed On

College is full of trial and error. And sadly we find ourselves running into a lot more error than we desire. Being stood up by that guy who we thought was really into us rings a bell. As does spending an entire night and next morning (okay and maybe the afternoon too) puking our guts out.

Oct 16, 2009

WTF Friday: Talk About a Tongue Lashing

Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. If it looks like a sex toy, that is. If one tongue (attached to one man) isn't enough for you, now you can have lots and lots of tongues coming at your lady parts in rapid succession.

Oct 5, 2009

I’m Torn: Friends With Benefits

Like most women, I get a little horny sometimes. (And like all women, I wish there were a less disgusting term to use to describe that phenomenon.) The fact is, I have needs and it gets a little old to be using a battery operated machine to fulfill them all the time.

Sep 1, 2009

No Facebook = Social Suicide?

I don't trust people who aren't on Facebook. It's weird, I know, but FB is like peanut butter and jelly: you must be some sort of freak if you've never tried it. (OK, or you have some severe allergy, but that doesn't fit with my analogy so let's move on.) Facebook is at the epicenter of our generation's world, so anyone who isn't on there is weird, right?