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Jul 23, 2011

What High Schools Should Teach in Sex Ed

In high school, my sex ed was what you would call minimal. Since Texas firmly believes in abstinence only education (which so doesn't work - my high school had a day care program for crying out loud!), I consider myself very lucky that I had a very open-minded mother who taught me about sex. Here's what they should be teaching high schoolers in order to better prepare them.

May 4, 2011

Put This On Your iPod: Band of Horses' Everything All the Time

This, my friends, is my very last week of college classes. Ever. It's all very surreal to me right now. It's hard to imagine that after tomorrow, I may never step into a classroom again. With the reality of the real world heading at me like a freight train, I'm getting fairly nostalgic this week.

Apr 27, 2011

Put This On Your iPod: The Lonely Island's Incredibad

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sh*t! Musical talent doesn't always have to come in the form of amazing voices. Sometimes great and hilarious lyrics (and an outlet on one of the country's most well known shows) is all you need. Hearing "I'm On A Boat" this weekend at the bars just reminded me how awesome The Lonely Island is.

Put This on Your iPod: The Beatles' Rubber Soul

For some reason lately, I've been on a real retro kick when it comes to my iPod. Looking back at my most 'recently played' list, every song comes from 1985 and before....and I wasn't even born then. What can I say? I guess the combo of my recent break up and finals season makes me nostalgic.

Put This on Your iPod: Weezer's Blue Album

Well, springtime in central Texas was short lived. We had a week of 70 degree weather, but now it's back to being balls hot. For that one brief period of AMAZING weather, I reveled in being able to drive around town with my windows down and my music way, way up.

Put This On Your iPod: She Wants Revenge

So, it's a bad week for Sarabeth. My boyfriend and I broke up since I last posted and so right now, I want music that supports my cranky mood. I went back to an old favorite for this week; I literally wore this CD out in my car the summer before my senior year of high school. So if you're into something different, here's She Wants Revenge's self-titled first album.

Mar 30, 2011

Put This On Your iPod: Beats Antique's Collide

It quite honestly feels like everyone here in Austin still has a hangover from spring break. SXSW had so many great bands this year, I had to extend my coverage of it to a second week! Beats Antique is by far probably the most creative and original band that I've discovered in awhile, and so I share with you their second album Collide.

Mar 23, 2011

Put This On Your iPod: Anamanaguchi's Dawn Metropolis

You might have noticed that I was absent last week. With SXSW going on over Spring Break here in Austin, I was too busy running around town from show to show to write. But never fear! It was all for a good cause, because now I have even more bands to show you!

Mar 9, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: Matt and Kim's Grand

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino have been rocking out since 2004, with Matt on keyboards and Kim on drums. They have a DIY attitude towards their music and do just about everything when it comes to putting out their albums.

Mar 2, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan

I was really sad Monday when I went to the interwebs to find that Suze Rotolo had passed away. She was a very creative individual in her own right, but was most well known for being Bob Dylan's gf/muse and was on the cover along side of him for his album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan.

Feb 23, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: MC Lars' The Graduate

This week's artist is someone who's totally inspired me growing up. While most people spent their college years drinking and dreaming about what they'll be after they graduate (guilty!), MC Lars was doing something about his dreams.

Feb 23, 2011

University of Texas Student Speaks Out Against Allowing Guns on Campus

I've lived in Texas for most of my life, but one thing I will never understand is the gun-happy culture that is so prevalent here. My own sister got a gun as an anniversary present from her uncle-in-law. And now our state government wants to take this love of guns one step further and allow students and professors to carry concealed handguns on public university campuses.

Feb 16, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: Cut Copy's Zonoscope

Rarely do I get albums based off a random review I find on the internet. Ironic? Yes, but I usually wait until one of my friends has the album and I can listen to it or hear good things from them before I buy. Well, last Tuesday that all changed. While I was perusing the interwebs I came across a review for Cut Copy's Zonoscope that piqued my curiosity.

Feb 9, 2011

Put This on Your iPod: Belle and Sebastian Write About Love

To be honest, I've always been a little torn about Valentine's Day. For me it's kind of like communism; while great in theory, it almost never works in the execution. Considering last year I got two Snickers bars from my now-ex (gee, I wonder why), I don't have high hopes for Valentine's Day, but I'm not a complete Cupid-hater either.

Feb 5, 2011

The Super Bowl of Drinking Games

This Sunday, all American eyes will be glued to their television sets, but not everyone will be so into the game. Maybe it's because football isn't their thing or maybe it's because they wagered way too much money in the puppy bowl and are now majorly stressed. Whatever the reason, no one should be left out on all the Super Bowl Sunday fun.