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Jul 29, 2011

Just Some Celebs Looking Homeless

Sometimes it seems like the more money they have, the more homeless celebs think they should look. Like, I know you have tons of beautiful clothes in an effing huge closet in your fabulous house. If you're not going to wear them, at least give them to me.

Jul 28, 2011

How To Be A Rockstar in College

Do you spend a lot of time playing Rock Band with your roomies and pretending like your entire town is listening and cheering you on? Oh, that's just me and my roommate? Don't tell her I told you. Anyway, there are plenty of things you can actually do (apart from pretend to be a great drummer on your Wii) to rock your college years. Like what, you ask?

Jul 28, 2011

Men Are Dirty

And I don't mean dirty in a good way. I mean gross, like they don't wash things. And I'm not just making this up because I know a few dirty boys. Clorox did a study and found the proof. Here's a few reasons why men are disgusting...

The Ultimate Dorm Hall

Who lives on your hall in the dorms can make or break the experience. For example, if your neighbor consistently knocks on your door asking if you can turn down your TV while you're just trying to watch Fresh Prince, you will probably want to pull out your own hair and slap the neighbor in the face by the end of the first week. But there's always the chance that you'll somehow end up with the most amazing people on your hall, and your year will magically turn into the best college experience anyone has ever had. That's right people, the kids on your hall can make all the difference.

Celebs Leaving the Gym

So you think celebs get out of bed all skinny and perfect and shiny? Well, maybe they do. But because everyone loves to stalk celebs at every single moment in their lives, we also know that they hit up the gym sometimes just to keep up appearances.

When Stars Get WAY Into Movie Roles

We've seen it before--stars get so wrapped up in a movie role, we hardly even recognize them when they're on set (and sometimes even off set). Christian Bale's beautiful face wasted away when he starred in The Fighter, Charlize Theron somehow made herself look sub-human for her role in Monster, even 50 Cent jumped on the dedicated actor bandwagon when he dropped all those lbs for Things Fall Apart. And let's not forget Kristen Stewart loving all over that terrible hair mess she had to have for Runaways.

Jul 21, 2011

10 Celebri-kid Tell-Alls We Can't Wait to Read

The birth of yet another Beckham child has left us at College Candy wondering--what in the hell goes on inside that perfect household? And how do they all stay so effing attractive all the time? Magic?? And what about little Max and Emme? Good thing they turned out so flippin' cute, because their dad looks like a creepy skeleton. Nice genes, J. Lo. But what will they have to say in twenty years about their parents' mystery split?

Jul 20, 2011

5 Celebs That Are Probably Tons of Fun

Even though we stalk the sh*t out of our favorite celebs all day long and plaster pictures of them all over our rooms, you could say that we don't really know them at all. What if you met Bradley Cooper in real life and he just kinda sucked? I know I would be sad, but at least he's still beautiful so it wouldn't really matter.

Jul 20, 2011

Most Popular Food Chains on College Campuses

College towns are famous for their food chains--from sandwiches to pizza to...well it's mainly sandwiches and pizza. But it's all delicious, and we've compiled a list of the Best of the Best on campuses across the nation.

Jul 15, 2011

WTF Friday: Woman Catches Robber, Keeps Him As Sex Slave

Yes, you read that right. The owner of a hair salon in Russia, a 28 year old woman who also happens to be a black belt, overtook a man trying to rob her salon, apparently taking him down with a single kick

Jul 14, 2011

Celebs Were Teased Too

Middle school sucks, hands down. I don't know anyone who has ever claimed that middle school was the best three years of their life. And if I did know someone who said that, I would also know that they were a pathological liar. Between the ages of 12 and 14, kids are awkwardly trying to adjust to their pubescent bodies. And they have braces. So things are just awkward all around.

Jul 14, 2011

You Can Now Apply to College Via Twitter

Remember back in the day when you wanted to apply to college and you had to take weeks to write several different 5oo word essays about what song best describes your personality and how much your mom inspired you when you were growing up? Well, thanks to Twitter, those essays may soon be a thing of the past.

Jul 14, 2011

TV Shows That Should Be Movies

Anyway, there's been a lot of talk recently (and apparently the rumors are true this time) about an Arrested Development film in the works. Seeing as this could possibly be the best idea I have ever heard, I'm pretty pissed that I didn't come up with it myself. So that got me thinking, what are some other TV shows that would do great on the big screen?