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Feb 24, 2010

You Don’t Have to Be Anorexic To Have An Eating Disorder

So maybe you’ve never gone more than 24 hours without food. Maybe you’ve never taken a laxative or made yourself throw up after eating too much. You don’t have an Eating Disorder. But how much of your day is spent thinking about food?

Apr 4, 2009

All Made Up: Eyeliners Outlined

Eyeliner is the one makeup staple that I just won’t leave the house without. Liner-less eyes make me feel like a zombie and I inevitably get bombarded with “are you sick” or “did you not sleep well” type questions. I’ve tried so many different liners just trying to find that perfect one. And then I realized there isn't one. The trick is that with so many different varieties, there are perfect liners for different occasions!

Mar 21, 2009

All Made Up: 3 Steps to a Flawless Face for Oily or Dry Skin

Your skin type makes a huge difference in what products you should use. Skin problems and makeup woes are oftentimes caused by using the wrong products for your type. So I’m making it simple for you. Here are 3 basics for oily and dry skin.

All Made Up: Real Life Skin Care

Let’s talk about skin care. Go into any beauty retailer, find a sales person and ask them to recommend a skin care regimen. Then duck, because you are about to get hit with an avalanche of products your skin “needs.” They’re going to try to sell you a makeup remover, a cleanser, a scrub, a toner, a serum, a moisturizer, a spot treatment...

All Made Up: The Perfect Gloss

Dragons, leprechauns, centaurs, fairies, a lip gloss that’s long lasting without being sticky – they just don’t exist right? It’s...

All Made Up: Walking the Lip Line

Lip Liner – most college age girls skip it all together and, quite frankly, probably associate it with crazy old...

Feb 21, 2009

All Made Up: Bargain Beauty

So if you are like me, you’ve been eating more ramen, wearing last year’s winter coat and squeezing every last...

Feb 17, 2009

Men are Jerks – Scientifically Proven!

A new scientific study has been published that can’t be ignored. Basically all of our suspicions about men have been...

Feb 14, 2009

All Made Up: Bronzing Basics

It’s gray and gloomy out there, and your skin is starting to show it. Unless you’ve spent your winter in...

Feb 7, 2009

All Made Up: Be Your Own Valentine

Oh Valentines (read: Singles Awareness) Day.  Isn’t it grand? Watching your friends get flowers, chocolates, presents and fancy dinners.  You...

Jan 31, 2009

All Made Up: Wear Green Makeup!

You’ve heard the truth about “organic” makeup, so what’s a girl to do when she wants to be environmentally cautious...

Jan 24, 2009

All Made Up: Blustery Beauty

It is FREAKING COLD outside. Now that all the fun of the holidays is over (not counting Valentine’s Day cause,...

Jan 10, 2009

All Made Up: Beauty Blunders

We’ve all been guilty of some major makeup meltdown. I was personally guilty of lash to brow blue eye shadow...

Jan 3, 2009

All Made Up: Hangover Recovery

Anyone else still hung over from New Years? (Try a little yoga!) If you’re lucky, you’re probably still cuddled up...

Dec 27, 2008

All Made Up: After Christmas Deals!

Department stores aren’t the only place to find day after Christmas deals. There are tons of great sales for makeup...