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Jul 23, 2009

Get Ready For Swine ’09!

If you were anywhere near a public place this last spring, you probably were caught up in the swine flu mania. Maybe you washed your hands obsessively or carried hand-sanitizer around with you everywhere. Perhaps you even bought a surgical mask and pulled a Speidi.

Jul 20, 2009

Why You Should…Be More Selfish

Well, maybe I'm done with sharing and sacrificing my efforts for others. Maybe it's time to be more selfish. After Googling around for some articles to back up my selfish ambitions, I found that it's a good thing to be selfish (sometimes). I think everyone should try it!

Jul 20, 2009

I’m Torn: Strapless Bras

Every self-respecting college girl has one (or three): a strapless bra. Without this little piece of lingerie magic, we would be without proper support in our skankiest dresses and tube tops (and whatever else needs to show a lot of shoulder and not a lot of bra strap).

Body of Lies: Keep The Clothes On, Dudes

Some people were just meant to be naked. They worked hard on their bodies (or were blessed by some freak chance of natural awesomeness) and I won't stand in their way of presenting perfection to the world. Hell, I always say that if I had the goods, I'd be showing 'em off, too. However, there's a reason I'm not showing my "goods" to anyone.

Celebretard Showdown (Magical Edition!): Daniel Radcliffe vs. Robert Pattinson

After spending some time re-watching The Goblet of Fire and considering a double feature with Twilight, I started thinking of the similarities between Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson. As much as I love those two, sometimes they can get annoying. And pale. Why are they so pale??

Death to Crocs, Finally

Finally, a benefit of our failing economy! It turns out that the crocs franchise may not be around as long as we had feared. Instead of scrambling to keep up with (inexplicable) demand, they are now facing millions of dollars of debt and a surplus of really ugly shoes.

Jul 16, 2009

The Emmy Awards: Validating My Laziness

Nominations for the 61st Emmy Awards were announced today and I'm excited. Not only do I have a degree of expertise in this particular area (I watch a LOT of TV), but I find that the Emmy Awards are even more bitchy than the Oscars...and that pleases me.

Jul 15, 2009

Welcome Back, Vagina Wigs!

I'm just gonna say it: vagina wigs are back and thank. gawd. I mean, I have been literally holding my breath, waiting for the day when I could accessorize my crotch without punching holes in my genitalia and putting rings and such down there (genital piercings = not okay).

Jul 14, 2009

Road Trippin’ For Some Sexy Time

The Trojan Condom's Pleasure Survey (oh, you clever condom people) made a list of the most sexually active and most sexually satisfied cities in the US (among other sex-related things, of course). Top of the list? Houston and Atlanta for most sexually active.

Jul 13, 2009

Why You Should…Not Have Sex

Sex sells and nobody knows that better than our generation. We watch hours upon hours of gossip and celebrity news for the latest update on who's bonking who. We twitter about the Walk of Shame. We scour Facebook for photos of last night's hook-up. We share all the details with our friends over Bloody Marys and Sunday brunch. As much as it pains it to say this, maybe we should...stop.

Jul 13, 2009

Swearing is Caring

Nothing is quite as satisfying as letting a good, loud curse fly after stubbing your toe or banging your shin. It feels great to growl an obscenity when your computer decides it needs to take a break and randomly shuts down all programs...including the unsaved word document of your midterm paper.

Jul 10, 2009

Celebretard Showdown: Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry

What I don't love is an outfit which looks like an advertisement for Skanks-R-Us or some strange, preppy love child of Hot Topic. In my book, the two worst offenders are Lady GaGa and Katy Perry. That is, when they're wearing clothes. And it seems clothing (or the lack there of) is the least of their problems...

Jul 9, 2009

Alcohol: The Stepping Stone to Metrosexuality

Apparently, some clothing stores are starting to serve alcohol to patrons while they shop. These stores tend to be catered to the male population and focused on catering to the individual customer's needs. Men relax after a couple drinks, eliminating the social awkwardness that comes from shopping.