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Jun 16, 2009

Life After College: Lonely in Real Life

While living with my grandparents has its perks (unlimited prune juice), it also has its downside (the only available beverage is prune juice). And even though I'm in the biggest city in the world, I've never felt more alone.

Jun 9, 2009

Life After College: First Day on the “Job”

Alright it's just another internship. I'm not stressed. But I actually need this internship to lead to something. I must make a good impression. Now I'm stressed. Is that my subway line? Is it safe? Am I the only girl on here? Is this going to be the first scene in my lifetime movie of a internship gone horribly wrong?

Jun 2, 2009

Life After College: Preparing For the Future

My past few weeks at home have been a whirlwind of doctor appointments. Since no one knows when I'll have health insurance again, I'm cramming in all my possible doctors. It gets rough after awhile keeping track of all the different types of doctors and protocols.

Life After College: And The Growing Up Begins

I've grown up a lot in the past week. How could I not with all the positive encouragement from the commenters last week? I got up off the couch, got a pants suit, and got a job with benefits. Well I got off the couch... and that's a start.

May 26, 2009

Life After College: My Deep Pit of Despair

Considering the fact that I've done nothing but sulk (with the occasional break for a anxiety panic attack over my future), it's relatively amazing that I was able to find time in my self despair to write this blog. Graduating college is worse than I ever imagined.

May 19, 2009

Senioritis: It’s The End

I've lost track of the days and I no longer can distinguish between night and day. We drink round the clock now anyways so there doesn't seem to be a reason for me to try to figure any of this out. But there are still a few things that I must get done before doomsday (known to my parents as commencement ceremonies).

May 5, 2009

Apr 28, 2009

Senioritis: Nothing Will Get In The Way of Partying

It was the second to last weekend of college. Lawns were packed by day and the bars were crowded at night. Therefore it makes sense that it was the weekend that I contracted a deadly disgusting eye infection that prevented me from socializing properly. I won't go into details, but it wasn't pretty.

Apr 21, 2009

Senioritis: Soon To Be Friendless

This past Sunday was by far the most stressful night of my entire life. Not only was Desperate Housewives new for the first time in months, but Melissa Joan Hart's movie was premiering and the Natalie Holloway story was airing. Now I'm not a mathematician or even a biochemical engineer, so figuring out how to schedule all these things onto my DVR within the same two hour period was quite the challenge.

Apr 14, 2009

Senioritis: No Offense, But…

I've always appreciated the phrase "no offense but (insert ANYTHING!)" for it's ability to take away all offense to the next part of the statement. I went through about a thirteen year phrase where I truly believed that saying "no offense, but" before I said the most heinous thing possible would make it impossible for the person to be mad at me.

Apr 7, 2009

Senioritis: The Things I Won’t Miss

I've started preparing for my post graduation depression/emo stage. I've bought the tissue boxes and I've prepared the soundtrack (Seasons of Love on repeat). But I also made a proactive step of creating a list of things that I know I absolutely won't miss- that way when I'm putting on my fifth layer of black eyeliner and tattooing tears on my face I'll remember that there were some bad things about college.

Mar 31, 2009

Senioritis: The Best Things in Life Are Free

ollege offers so many opportunities and I regret not taking advantage of more of them. I'm not referring to visiting lectures from world renowned microbiologists or Teach For America open houses.

Mar 24, 2009

Senioritis: No More Drinking Holidays

Everything gets celebrated in college. No hook-up is too insignificant for an all day brunch recap and no detagging decision is too trivial to not involve all your friends. So it only gets crazier when it's an actually nationally recognized holiday.

Mar 17, 2009

Senioritis: I Have No Future

Dear Waiter-Full-Of-Wisdom, I recently had the pleasure and delight of meeting you while I dined during my Spring Break. I...

Mar 10, 2009

Senioritis: A College Senior’s Bucket List

When I get back to school after spring break it is the end. In fact many middle aged people have...

Mar 3, 2009

Senioritis: This Is Why Seniors Go To Bars

I’m starting to get sick of the bars but I’m not sick of going out so I jumped at the...