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Dec 9, 2010

The ‘Blue Valentine’ Controversy

Blue Valentine (in theaters December 31st) stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as a married couple with an imperfect relationship. You may not know that, but you probably know that the film has received an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (aka the MPAA) for a scene in which Gosling’s character performs oral sex on William’s character.

Dec 4, 2010

Now Showing: Black Swan

Black Swan is a psychological thriller starring Natalie Portman as Nina, a perfectionist ballerina who is cast as the Swan Queen in her company’s performance of Swan Lake.

Nov 20, 2010

Now Showing: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Disclaimer: Many Harry Potter fans sit in the theater picking the movie apart in terms of being an accurate adaptation, but I believe the film should stand alone as a part of its own art form, which is first and foremost a film, not a book.

Now Showing: Due Date

All I want to do right now is compose a love letter to Robert Downey Jr. Instead, I have to slaughter his new movie, Due Date, so that you lovely people don’t waste your money on it. But afterward, I fully plan on writing a Taylor Swift-esque ode to an aviator-clad Robert Downey Jr.

Now Showing: Paranormal Activity 2

I slept with the lights on after a midnight showing of Paranormal Activity 2, which is saying a lot for a movie that I went into with “Whip My Hair” stuck in my head beforehand. For a long time, I had been predicting that the follow up to last year’s Paranormal Activity would be a more corny, overdone version of the first film (which I loved, even if it made my cry).

Now Showing: The Social Network

The Social Network isn’t “The Facebook movie,” as I have heard some people call it. The movie poster itself says, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” This is a film about power struggles, honesty, and the impact of one student’s claim to fame.

Sep 25, 2010

One Month Challenge: Junk Food Free, Week 4

It goes without saying that this month didn’t go according to plan for me, but interestingly, I think I learned a lot more than I had originally expected.

Sep 25, 2010

Now Showing: Easy A

Easy A is the story of “anonymous” high school student, Olive (Emma Stone). Olive tells her story to her webcam in a monologue-esque tone. Although it is clear that she is addressing an audience, this is very clearly HER story. She explains how her friend Brandon asks her to tell everyone that they had sex so that people would think he was straight.

Sep 18, 2010

One Month Challenge: Junk Food Free, Week 3

I ate mozzarella sticks. And I’m not ashamed. Not much has changed since my tough week last week. I’m still adjusting to the single life, which I love more and more every day. The nausea is the only thing that has really persisted, which means that I will unfortunately probably have to see a doctor just to make sure that nothing is medically wrong with me.

Sep 11, 2010

One Month Challenge: Junk Food Free, Week 2

I had a vision in my head for how this month would go. I would give up junk food, be healthier, maybe slip up once or twice, but succeed overall. I would end the month being skinny, beautiful, and confident. My life situation would remain the same; it would be ME that changed.

Sep 11, 2010

Now Showing: Going the Distance

It has been six days since my boyfriend and I broke up. So obviously the best thing to do was watch a romantic “comedy” (I’ll explain the quotation marks in a minute). What I didn’t realize is that even a movie about falling in love could explain so much about an ended relationship.

Sep 4, 2010

One Month Challenge: Junk Food Free, Week 1

I will be the first to admit that I put on some unwanted pounds this summer. Towards the end of August, I was having some boyfriend troubles and was coping with the fact that my dad was getting married in about a month. Because of this, I ate.

Jul 24, 2010

Now Showing: Inception

Writing about Inception isn’t comparable to writing reviews about Toy Story 3 and Eclipse. In all honesty, I didn’t know anything about the movie going into it, except that Leonardo DiCaprio starred (and that was enough for me), but I was pleasantly surprised by the film.