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Oct 5, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Sons from Hottest…to Creepiest [Friday Faves]

While other blogs are analyzing Romney’s victory, here are CollegeCandy we’re analyzing something different: Romney’s five sons.

Mar 18, 2012

5 Easy Ways to Make Food Healthier

Eating healthy isn't always easy. But writing the Intro to Cooking column, and making up new recipes every week, has taught me a few things about making my favorite foods -- like spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, and beef stew -- healthier. These tips won't change your life, but they will make sure you get a few more nutrients into your diet. That means you can work harder on that term paper (or your weekend dance skills).

Mar 15, 2012

The Best, and Most Ridiculous, Lifetime Movie Posters

Since high school, I've had an intense obsession with Lifetime movies. I know they're awful, over-dramatic, poorly written, badly acted and generally have the same plot over and over again. However, I can't resist. They're just so bad that they're good. My personal favorite is Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?, winner of the Best Movie Title Ever award. But, really, the best part about Lifetime movies is the posters.

16 DIY Projects I'll Be Using to Procrastinate [Photos]

I love DIY projects. Part me just knows that finding the perfect organizational project will keep me motivated. Or maybe it will be a good way to keep me procrastinating, but with purpose. "You see I'm procrastinating, so I'll stop procrastinating!" Really, the logic is very good. So I'm always on the hunt for good DIY projects -- ones that are relatively simple, but will keep me occupied for at least a little while.

CollegeCandy is Going to SXSW!

For those of you who don't know already, SXSW is a super awesome conference that promotes music, film and interaction held annually in Austin, TX. It's coming up again and, with the hottest stars getting ready to party it up Texas-style, of course CollegeCandy will be there. Find out how to follow our shenanigans as we check-in to and tweet the whole experience!

Intro to Cooking: Quick Veggie Pasta

As I've mentioned before, I'm a pasta lover. And while I would like to sink into a trough of Alfredo every single night (who wouldn't, honestly!?), I know I can't. This is a quick and easy pasta for one that you can make in just a few minutes.

Feb 26, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Broccoli and Feta Salad

Broccoli is a tough vegetable to love -- it's the veggie equivalent of Kim Kardashian really -- but it has potential. It's what's known as a cruciferous vegetable -- it's related to spinach, kale, and other dark leafy greens that are packed with fiber and antioxidants. They're actually the healthiest foods you can eat, period.

Feb 19, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Black Bean Spread

Lately, my favorite sandwich has consisted of the following: bread, chicken, sprouts, a slice of cheddar cheese and black bean spread. Black bean spread, you say? Yep, black bean spread. It's delicious and packed with protein. It also makes a great dip. Or a great addition to a wrap full of veggies. Or just on toast.

Feb 16, 2012

Models Trip and Fall…Just Like Us! [Photos]

Maybe it's a little mean spirited. But I don't think so. In my opinion, models falling down is always funny. It's not funny if she's hurt or anything. But it's funny because the ridiculous shoes that designers think people want to wear a visibly proven to be a detriment to your safety. You can't be strutting through NYC in shoes that could cause you to go down in front of a taxi, just saying

Feb 15, 2012

The Skank-o-Meter: Look Sexy, Not Skanky

Lindsay Lohan kind of shocked everyone recently by actually looking decent in a recent Love Magazine photo shoot, as opposed to her...uh...less polished photo shoot she did (just for kicks?) with Terry Richardson. It got me thinking: How can Lindsay teach us the very important difference between looking sexy and looking like a total skankbag?

Feb 12, 2012

I'm 23…and Getting Married

I'm definitely aware that, in regards to getting engaged, I'm not a special snowflake. There are lots of 23-year-olds who are engaged and getting married. There is nothing really magical about my story or my engagement or my life. I'm just a chick who likes to write and happened to find a dude who likes to write. And we ended up dating and getting engaged.

Feb 12, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Pizza Salad

You know, the desire for pepperoni, cheese and sauce? How on earth do I shake that? Through trial and error, I found the solution. And it includes three of my favorite salad greens ever: spinach, arugula and romaine. You'll get tons of nutrients, including iron, along with some major flavor.

Feb 7, 2012

My Quirky Wants and Needs Wishlist

When it comes to lusting over unnecessary items, I'm sort of a pro at it. From dresses to make up that I'll never wear, iPhone covers and USB drives that I don't really need, I have a radar for finding the cutest and the coolest. My life is already full of excess stuff, but for whatever reason, I crave more and more. A chromatic typewriter? Sure, why not. A full bar set? I am an adult these days, and classy too.

Feb 5, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Veggie Enchiladas

I'm currently lying in bed with the flu and there's nothing like spicy food to clear up the sinuses. I have a voice like a miniature frog; aches and pains like I'm about to give birth; and it feels like there is a small balloon locked up in my head that won't deflate. I made spicy enchiladas to help -- and of course to get some veggies in me.

Jan 31, 2012

Did You Know CollegeCandy Has A Newsletter?

It's true! We do! And it's as jam-packed full of awesome as your regular CollegeCandy is. Except it's delivered straight to your inbox. You don't even have to muster up the energy to type in a URL -- you just have to open up your email inbox. So now when you're in desperate need of procrastination to avoid that ridiculous PoliSci paper, CollegeCandy is just a click away.