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Feb 5, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Veggie Enchiladas

I'm currently lying in bed with the flu and there's nothing like spicy food to clear up the sinuses. I have a voice like a miniature frog; aches and pains like I'm about to give birth; and it feels like there is a small balloon locked up in my head that won't deflate. I made spicy enchiladas to help -- and of course to get some veggies in me.

Jan 31, 2012

Did You Know CollegeCandy Has A Newsletter?

It's true! We do! And it's as jam-packed full of awesome as your regular CollegeCandy is. Except it's delivered straight to your inbox. You don't even have to muster up the energy to type in a URL -- you just have to open up your email inbox. So now when you're in desperate need of procrastination to avoid that ridiculous PoliSci paper, CollegeCandy is just a click away.

Jan 29, 2012

Intro to Cooking: The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook

When I was offered a copy of The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook, I couldn't say no. I had watched the show a few times, but was more connected to the style of the characters and the nostalgia of an era (that I admittedly have never experienced) rather than the show itself. This cookbook takes episodes and features recipes based on what the characters ate or did.

Is That Really What You Meant? The Best of Autocorrect [Pics]

Autocorrect taught me how to spell "apologize" after one particularly brutal party two years ago, but it has also led to many awkward exchanges. Especially when my iPhone decided to change "pelvis" to "penis" when I texted my mom about sewing.

5 Worst Spin-Offs of All Time

When a show that already exists gets a spin-off, you know it's jumped the shark. They've run out of ideas; the writers are tired of thinking up gags featuring the same set of characters. Basically, they want to write the same show, but with different people, maybe a different location. And thus, the spin-off is born. There have been some terrible spin-offs, but none are as bad as the following...

Welcome to My Dream Apartment [Photos]

If I had a Barbie dream house, it would be the coolest Barbie dream house on the block. Given my financial status, I might have to settle for a Barbie dream apartment for the time being, but I'm just saying, it would still be the coolest. From the bookshelves to the kitchen table, my dream apartment would be rockin'.

Jan 24, 2012

Check Out the 21 Places to Visit When You Turn 21 on Foursquare!

Now, you can more effectively brag to your friends with our handy-dandy FourSquare list of all 21 places. The more you check in, the more impressed we will be. We'll be even more impressed if someone, somehow, checks in to every place on the list -- that would definitely designate you as an Official International Playgirl.

Jan 22, 2012

7 Tips for Girls Who Hate Make Up

I've never been a make up girl. I've gone through my phases, of course. My high school emo phase that led to me perfecting my eyeliner-with-smoky-purple-eyeshadow look (oh. my. god. why.).

Jan 22, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Spicy Citrus Green Beans

Green beans have the same nutrients as dark, leafy greens, despite not being as dark in color. Why is this awesome? Because greens like spinach and kale are some of the healthiest vegetables out there. One of the best nutrients? Lutein, which helps eye sight and helps prevent eye diseases. Basically, awesome.

Jan 18, 2012

Thank God! The Bridesmaids Sequel Might Not Happen After All

I just want to thank Kristen Wiig and the creators of Bridesmaids for exercising a bit of restraint when it comes to making a sequel to Bridesmaids. I know it would be easy to cash in -- think of all the vacation homes you could buy, Kristen! -- but choosing to avoid the awful sequel curse is the best choice.

Jan 17, 2012

Follow CC's NYC Antics via Twitter!

Oh, New York. The city that doesn't sleep. Luckily for you, neither does CollegeCandy. Don't you sometimes wish you could read CollegeCandy's New York thoughts-and-rants in real time? Well, you can actually. Follow CollegeCandy NYC on Twitter, so you can find out more about New York - like the correct reaction when someone touches your hand on the subway. I know I've always wondered.

Jan 15, 2012

Intro to Cooking: Spanish Rice

Spanish rice is one of my absolute favorite quick meals -- you can cram tons of veggies and whole grains into your diet with one spicy dish. It's also super easy to add some chicken or tilapia for some extra protein. Either way, my recipe for Spanish rice will rapidly become one of your most-made dishes. I promise.

Jan 12, 2012

An Open Letter To My Friends Who Still Smoke

What is is about smoking that feels mysterious, or sexy, or chic? Or is that it? Do you smoke because of it's image or do you smoke because it's convenient? It gives you something to do with your hands at parties, I guess. But what else is there?