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Dec 12, 2013

How To Deal When a Guy Is Having Issues In the Bedroom [Sexy Time]

Guys are generally expected to always be willing and able to have sex, and it can be a blow to the self-esteem to be rejected for any reason. However, you shouldn't take that out on the guy.

Dec 5, 2013

Why Are Ladies More Into Same-Sex Experimenting Than Dudes Are? [Sexy Time]

In real life, I'm more ambivalent about inviting someone else into the bedroom, but in hypersexualized fantasy life, I'm all about having a threesome with another girl.

Nov 28, 2013

This Thanksgiving I’m Choosing Food Over Sex [Sexy Time]

Turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, an obligatory spoonful of stuffing, challah, pie. Also, since today is my birthday as well, I have plans to get deeply intimate with a cake. So...between all that plus watching the Thanksgiving episodes of Gossip Girl, I don't think there's any time to get frisky with the boyfriend.

Nov 21, 2013

Sorry Not Sorry, Being A Tease is Fun [Sexy Time]

Everyone has the right to place boundaries wherever they want, and I feel like part of being a mature sexually active adult is being aware that no one is ever obligated to be completely available to you.

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Nov 14, 2013

How To Introduce Toys Into The Bedroom [Sexy Time]

So sometimes sex gets dull. That's just the nature of doing something over and over and over again. Naturally, we do all kinds of things to keep sex exciting, from dirty talk to role play to trying different positions and locations. Then, of course, there are toys

I’d Totally Do James Deen On Camera for Attention [Sexy Time]

As long as you're not engaging in self-destructive behavior that leaves you feeling disgusting or worthless, and as long as you're treating your partner with respect, I don't see any problems with having sex for reasons other than sharing a mutual attraction.

Nov 7, 2013

How To Successfully Hook Up On Halloween [Sexy Time]

If you're one of those shy-but-horny girls who finds it difficult getting it in on a typical party night (or if you're just DTF), you have absolutely no excuse to go home untouched tonight.

Oct 31, 2013

Everyone’s Kink Is Boring To Me These Days [Sexy Time]

I've accidentally become a pro bono therapist/life coach to people in my life because I can listen to any of their problems and generally keep a poker face and I can easily offer non-judgmental sentiments.

Oct 24, 2013

Oct 17, 2013

A Pep Talk For Anyone Going Through A Dry Spell [Sexy Time]

You're not a lesser person just because you're not in a relationship.

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Oct 10, 2013

You Don’t Have To Swallow [Sexy Time]

The element of surprise is not always fun, you know?

Oct 3, 2013

I’m Having a Sexual Existential Crisis – Thanks, Tumblr [Sexy Time]

I can't help but wonder how brainwashed I've been and whether or not my preferences are really my preferences or if I've just mindlessly accepted things because it was easy.

Sep 26, 2013

How To Initiate Sex When You’re A Woman [Sexy Time]

Initiating can be a daunting task, but it's actually really simple. The worst case scenario isn't that terrible, and the potential payoff is pretty amazing.

Sep 19, 2013

In Defense of Being Uptight [Sexy Time]

Women are often socialized to be flexible, passive, and basically total pushovers. We're expected to put everyone before ourselves because that's the feminine and nurturing thing to do.

Sep 12, 2013

3 Ways To Deal With Being Confronted With a Kink You’re Not Into [Sexy Time]

Being able to navigate awkward conversations with your partner is a really important skill. It takes courage to open up about fantasies and being sympathetic and not freaking out when someone reveals something you find unappealing is key to diminishing the awkwardness.

Sep 5, 2013

I Can’t Bring My BF to the Big O [Sexy Time]

Tons of women have awkward stories about guys who were definitely sprinters as opposed to marathoners. But there's an inverse to this problem - the guy who can't or doesn't come in a timely fashion.

Aug 29, 2013

I Had To Give Up One of My Favorite Sex Acts [Sexy Time]

It's definitely a tiny bit heartbreaking when something that brings you pleasure ultimately doesn't agree with you.

Aug 23, 2013

5 Things I’d Do If I Were Single [Sexy Time]

I love having a boyfriend. I love the stability. I love the comfort. I love the support and the casual movie nights and the snuggles and all of that great stuff. But, on occasion, I do daydream about what it would be like to be single.

Aug 15, 2013

“Blurred Lines” Annoys Me, But Probably Not Why You Think [Sexy Time]

After two decades of listening to pop music, I'm increasingly desensitized to the grimy messages that are perpetuated. That said, what irks me about the song is the delineation between "good girls" and "girls who openly love sex."