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May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Let's Celebrate Right

Ah, Cinco De Mayo. A grand holiday that brings to mind sombreros, margaritas, awkward family encounters with my cousin's salsa band... no one? Just me? Okay then...

Sep 17, 2010

The Top Five Trends Coming in Spring 2011

Just as we’re sadly parting with our flip flops and trading them in for knee-high boots (theoretically…not me, though. I keep wearing mine till Thanksgiving!) we get a sunny reminder of what we’ll have to look forward to this Spring: crunches until we die and gorgeous drapey dresses.

Aug 11, 2010

In Defense of Bros

Yes, I know. This already seems like I’m going to be writing an article pleading with chicks to “give bros a chance, YOU DON’T KNOW THEM LIKE I DO!” etc and so forth. Or that I am a bro in disguise, infiltrating a website for the ladies to spread my bro-paganda. But I’m not either of those things. It’s true, bros are some of the most infuriating people on the planet.

5 Signs He’s Keeping It Casual

So you meet this guy. Yay! He seems really cool, you guys can talk, joy of joys! Visions pop up in your head of you two enjoying a picnic in the park, holding hands walking to class, maybe even him standing outside your window after a fight holding up a boombox (it doesn't matter where he got a boombox, the point is that he has it) that's playing "In Your Eyes."

May 10, 2010

College 101: Everything I Learned My Freshman Year

My first year of college is ending and it's happening much. too. fast. in my opinion. It feels like I just got here, just took my first public bathroom shower, just attended my first lecture, my first frat party. But at the same time, with the amount I've learned, seen and done in the past 8 months, I feel like I've been here forever.

May 8, 2010

The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: Sam Adams

It's no secret that I have an insane crush on Sam Adams. He's cute, athletic, cute and, oh yeah, a famous rapper. I couldn't wait to tell the world about this guy, and profess my love, so when I was told I would be interviewing him? Yeah, I nearly wet myself.

Apr 27, 2010

Apr 21, 2010

Universities Do Their Part to Go Green

With Earth Day coming up (cue the Al Gore/whales/rainbows/wind technology montage) I took it upon myself to make a few Green changes in my life. I've swapped my regular lightbulbs for CFLs, picked up a few reusable grocery bags and started unplugging my electronics/appliances when I'm not using them.

Apr 18, 2010

Live Long And Prosper, Nerds

Hello I'm Sammie and I'm a nerd. I may not have a love of Star Trek or Star Wars or Starbursts that includes costumes and fan fiction, but I am a nerd, nonetheless. I am a pop culture and politics nerd. My versions of insane celebrities are Glenn O'Brien and Jim Himes. If I meet these people, I'm reduced to a shell-shocked super loser who can't stop smiling like Jack Nicholson from "The Shining."

Apr 14, 2010

Free Crap Day

So tomorrow is Tax Day! Yay! Well, actually, not really, because taxes blow. Signing that check is like a shot to the heart to all the money that I have made...the little of it that there is. Basically taxes suck. BUT. Tax Day has an upside. "How can that be?" You might ask. Well reader, I shall tell you: FREE STUFF!

Apr 14, 2010

Sam Adams, You May Hate College But I Love You

You may know Sam Adams as the guy who made that beer that your guy friends drink when they want to get fancy, but I know him as the hot Trinity poli sci major, soccer captain, supa fly rapper (oh god that hurt to write) who can rhyme and sing and just basically steal the hearts of every college girl around right now.

Apr 8, 2010

What if Bristol Palin Wasn’t An Idiot? [VIDEO]

So Bristol Palin's got a new PSA out there reminding young teens to think before they get nakey. In it she asks a lot of questions, which prompted some questions of our own:

Apr 7, 2010

Is She Really Going Out With Him?

In light of the recent engagement of mesh-shirt-wearing, Twitter-obsessed Michael Lohan and former Jon Gosselin flame Kate Majors (the chick who quit her job at Star Magazine because she had fallen in love with the deadbeat dad), we are forced to wonder: could Kate Major be in the Guinness Book for World Records for having the worst taste in men on this planet?

Apr 1, 2010

iPad? iDon’t Think So

The iPad. Steve Jobs' newest brainchild, and a super....whatever it is. Despite the fact that we're not always sure what point Apple's devices serve, we always seem to get them, love them, and become suddenly unable to live without them. But this thing? Meh, not so much.