Zahra- Northwestern University

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Apr 21, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather be able to control time whenever you wanted (for example, if you wanted you could pause before a huge exam and get in some extra studying) OR be able to magically fix one thing you don't like about yourself physically?

Apr 14, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather come down with the stomach flu the night of your absolute favorite band's concert (to which you have front row seats) OR get a weird, unidentifiable rash covering most of your body the day before your week long summer trip to the beach?

Apr 7, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather date a beautiful boy who had a condition that made his teeth fall out and never grow back OR a gorgeous guy who could never grow a strand of hair anywhere on his body?

Would You Rather…

Would You Rather: get locked in a bathroom at a party for two hours with a drunk girl who can't stop bawling, asking you for advice about her ex, and hugging you because, "OMG you're like the best friend eeever!" OR with a drunk, disgustingly arrogant guy who won't stop telling you about his conquests and making sleazy jokes?

Would You Rather…

Would you rather have every material object you could ever (EVER) dream of OR be loved by the one you love?

Would You Rather…

Would you rather get guaranteed A's on all your finals without having to study OR get a free week-long trip to the destination of your choice for Spring Break?

Mar 4, 2010

Campus Couture: Renee, Northwestern

I work with Renee and whenever we work together, I always catch myself stealing glances at her fantastic outfits. I love how Renee makes fashion look so easy, like she didn't even try but somehow always looks totally chic and put together.

Feb 24, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would you rather walk in on your boyfriend trying on your underwear OR be forced to watch a one hour long video of your sibling/parent having sex?

Feb 17, 2010

Would You Rather…

Would you rather have your nose light up every time you think about sex OR never be able to lie about anything?

Feb 10, 2010

Would You Rather… Valentine’s Day Edition

It's the end of the world as we know it. First Washington D.C. gets the most snow they've seen in 90 years and then an earthquake hits Illinois?! WTF is going on? Is Mother Nature mad that she doesn't have a Valentine?

Feb 4, 2010

Dear John, I Want To See You

Tomorrow's a big day. The big day. The day that I've been dreaming about for months. Yes ladies, tomorrow marks the release of Dear John and I. just. can't. wait.

Jan 27, 2010

Would You Rather… Engagement Edition

Would you rather pee on your guy out of excitement when he proposes OR throw up on him out of excitement when he proposes?

Jan 25, 2010

Let’s Stop With, OK?

I like gossip. You know, the pretty harmless kind: who hooked up with who at that party last week, who has a crush on who, who was spotted doing the walk of shame... Little tidbits that don't really matter. And really, who doesn't like that stuff?