Couple Refuse To Take DNA Test, Afraid Of Finding Out The Dark, Twisted Truth That They May Be Related

It All Started Out As Polar Opposites

It's amazing how something so sweet as finding your forever soulmate can get twisted into something dark from your worst nightmare. For Kristy and Aisling, they cannot wake up from that nightmare soon enough. 

The two ended up meeting for the first time in their last year of college. It was quite strange, since they were polar opposites and didn’t hang out with the same people. Kristy majored in art history, and Aisling was focused on completing her degree in engineering. From that day on, Kristy and Aisling kept bumping into each other: it was inevitable from the very beginning. 

Very First Meeting, Most Memorable One

Their meeting occurred at an orphanage close to their college, as their schools teamed up for a fundraising activity. The two women were chosen to go to the event, the very first place where those sparks came to life. They had absolutely no idea what destiny had in store for them. Kristy was the first one to make a move with a harmless compliment. And in that moment, everything changed for good. 

Something You Would Only See In Fairytales

They were in a relationship for two years, and everyone was admiring them for how strong their bond was. Nothing seemed to stand in their way, their feelings were only growing stronger and stronger. Their love for one another was greater than ever.

They were in a relationship for two years, and everyone was admiring them for how strong their bond was. Nothing seemed to stand in their way, their feelings were only growing stronger and stronger. Their love for one another was greater than ever.

It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Anything Serious

It started off as nothing more than a joke. It seemed like an innocent and adorably charming idea to both of them. What was once a chance remark on one of their shared social media profiles, ended up being the start of a really painful journey. They had no idea of the consequences this decision would bring. None of them could have ever imagined.

A Day Just Like Any Other

It was a normal morning for the couple, which started with a shared cup of coffee and a movie. Soon enough, their attention would shift to the newly adopted German shepherd, the family’s loveliest member. They had a tough time choosing the dog, but it was Aisling’s biggest wish to get a furry friend to join them on their adventures. Who knew this would be the start of a very complicated story?

Poor Dog, The Center Of A Fresh Drama

They took a couple of pictures and shared them on social media, showcasing them to their family. The two wanted to enjoy every single moment spent together, hence why they’d always be found taking pictures of everything surrounding them. And of course, pictures of themselves. All it took was a shared picture and a strange remark for the women to start questioning everything.

Should Have Ignored The Comment

The couple was scrolling through some comments when they saw one particular remark that had them both freezing on the spot: “You two look identical!” Kristy laughed it off and didn’t pay too much attention to it. She did realize they looked very similar, which she found pretty interesting. Although, the next comments on their pictures had her worried for good. It wasn’t something she could simply laugh at anymore.

And In That Moment, It Was No Longer A Joke

These were the exact words: “You two look exactly the same. It’s almost creepy.” followed by another, saying “Take a DNA test, please. We are scared for you two”. They started worrying as well. Next thing, the picture was deleted from all social media in order to avoid any other similar comments. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the end. 

Something Really Strange Going On

The pair was soon consumed by dread. Initially, they laughed along, thinking it was just really silly of people to even think about such a scenario. Then Aisling stopped laughing when she realized just how similar her features were to her partner’s. The shape of her face, the nose, the eyes… They were similar to her own. And it was about to get even weirder. 

What Started Out As A Joke, Now A Serious Issue

Aisling made her partner sit down on the couch with her and set the phone aside. It was an issue between the two of them, no one had the right to judge their relationship or tell them what to do. The pair started talking about their past, unlocking memories they’ve tried to bury a long time ago. Their past was about to reveal something tragic. 

Dark Secrets Unlocked

At first they merely talked about their origins, where they came from and where they went to high school. Yet the more the two talked, the more secrets came to the surface. Memories they wanted to forget, taboo topics from their families which they have never shared with anyone else. Then, they reached a crucial topic.

Untold Secrets Becoming A Harsh Reality

Turns out it all started with their mothers: two single mothers who were hiding one big secret. The love they shared for the same man. The story horrified Kristy and all the possibilities this implied. She had to find out the truth from her mother herself, and so, she picked up the phone and called her. With a heart pounding in her chest, she waited for the woman to respond: “Hello?”

The Chilling Truth

She spent an hour talking on the phone, trying not to have a panic attack, while her partner reached out to her own mother. It was indeed all true: they met the same man when they were young. Separated by one year. The shock was overwhelming to the point where they’d sit together in silence, minutes and hours going by. Their stomachs began to turn.

It Had To Be Done

The comments from people never stopped, no matter what they posted on social media. They’d always tell the couple how “your eyes, nose and lips look identical!” or “Watch out, you might end up being sisters LOL”. And so, Kristy and Aisling decided to put those malicious thoughts to rest by taking the big step: they were going to take the DNA test.

Their Nerves Were Absolutely Wrecked

Taking the DNA test wasn’t what scared them the most. No, what actually scared them was the thought of getting a positive result. It would turn their lives upside down. What about their friends, their family? What were they going to say after finding out they were, after all… related? They could do nothing but sit still, with a thousand thoughts running through the mind. And then, it happened. 

And So, The Waiting Begins

The next few days turned out to be extremely stressful for the two. It seemed to last forever until they’d finally get their results. The anxiety was getting uncontrollable, and they could barely even eat or sleep at night without thinking of what they would find out. They’d ask themselves if it was the right choice and if it were a better decision to simply ignore it all. Then, the results finally arrived. 

The Waiting Came To An End

Kristy and Aisling initially had an argument about the chosen method to receive the results. Aisling chose to go for a physical mail, while Kristy told her getting the results online would be faster. But all fighting ceased when the results reached their front door. Next thing they knew, the pair was standing on opposite sides of the table, waiting to tear open the letter.

Too Much To Handle Alone

Aisling’s hands were shaking while holding the letter in her hands. Heart pounding in her chest and eyes slowly starting to fill with tears, she looked up at her partner, unsure of what to do. She wasn’t ready to face the truth all by herself. Kristy took the hint and moved closer to her. They were going to do it together. It was time for the results. 

What Was Inside The Letter?

With her arm wrapped around Aisling, she pecked her partner’s forehead and squeezed her hand. They were ready for the final step. But just as she was about to open the envelope, Kristy squeezed her hand to stop her. It was time for a very important question: “Would it be wrong if despite getting positive results, we’d still… be together?”

We Have To Stay Positive

Aisling then squeezed back her hand, flashed a soft smile and shook her head: “We’re going to figure it out, okay?” Once Kristy’s nerves were calmed down by her partner’s reassuring smile, they went ahead and ripped the envelope’s seal. They opened the letter and started reading it. As they reached the final results, Kristy choked back a cry.

The Truth, Finally Revealed

Aisling couldn’t believe her eyes. She read the piece of paper over and over again, making sure she’s not missing something out. But the information was clear and right in front of her eyes. The woman opened her mouth but no words came out. Then, she looked at Kristy and placed the letter on the table. They finally knew what they were to each other.

The Waiting Was Finally Over

Kristy still couldn’t stop crying. She barely even heard her lover talking through all those tears. And then, she started to properly process the information they just received. They weren’t related. The results were crystal clear, and now they had the response written black on white. They held each other as the anxiety finally vanished. Yet there were still things left unsaid between the two.

But… How Did That Happen?

None of their mothers lied: indeed, they met the same man and they were madly in love with him. But despite that coincidence, the two still weren’t siblings. They were not blood related in any way, not even in the slightest. The couple couldn’t believe it. It was time to share the news with other people as well. Their reaction was unexpected.

Unexpected Reactions From The Internet

The two shared a post mentioning “We opened a bottle to celebrate the news!”, as well as a small section of their letter where everyone could see the results. At that point, the couple already had a fanbase waiting for an update regarding their peculiar situation. They were showered with appreciation, and still… there was a question lingering in their mind.

Should Not Be Left Unsaid

Although they'd cleared the air over the matter, there was a question they wanted to ask their fans as well. It was risky, and they could have ended up losing a lot of people from their fanbase, but it wasn’t something they could keep inside themselves any longer: “If we’re related, is it wrong to stay together?”

Mixed Opinions

As expected, fans reacted in different ways. Some of them said “I wouldn't do such a thing but if the love is real and this is something you can look past, then work for it.” while others were totally against the idea: “It would be very wrong.” All of those words brought morality and genetics issues into the picture. Still, it wasn’t over.

Getting Popular On Social Media

In a really small amount of time, their story reached everyone from all social media platforms. Everyone knew of the two women who took a DNA test because they were scared of ending up related. People were talking left and right about their decision to take the test, but the posts were the most controversial topic to be discussed. As well as their doubtful question.

From Two Normal People To New York Stars

Even though they received hateful comments from some people, influencers included, the two were supported by many. Their love and support for each other was seen as being “relationship goals”, and their families were also not shying away from showing their unconditional love for the two women. But what about them? What happened with the pair?

Their Story Lives On

Kristy and Aisling became truly inseparable after what they had to go through. They considered it to be the ultimate test to strengthen the relationship. Every single doubt disappeared, and they ended up realizing just how much they meant to each other. The DNA test wasn’t just a letter to them. No, it ended up meaning so much more for this couple. Something beyond common comprehension. 

It’s A True Love Story

To them, this experience was the Universe’s unique way of showing them how they were destined to be with each other. Nothing would ever break them apart, nothing could ever stand in the way of their love. And no matter what people would say about them or how rude they would become, one thing was for sure: they loved each other unconditionally.