Dog Sneaks Out of Kennel Every Night, Camera finally Shows Why

Meet Maggie

Maggie was a beautiful Australian shepherd mix that received a lot of attention. This canine from Alberta  had been posted all over the internet and on nightly news shown across Canada for doing something that nobody could fathom.

She was caught on camera committing the canine version of a jailbreak!! Even more jarring was the reason she kept breaking out of her kennel.

Just A Short Stay

Maggie's parents were out of town for some days and didn't want her to be home all alone. They decided to keep her at the Barkers Pet Motel and Grooming. The business wasn't just a Pet Motel alone, they often took care of foster dogs. Once a puppy had been registered under their care, it was taken to its kennel and made to feel comfortable. So everyone wondered why Maggie kept breaking out of her own kennel.

Recent Momma

Maggie had just been weaned off her puppies a few weeks before. It was one of the reasons her human owner decided to put her into the kennel. They felt that Maggie would be depressed in the absence of her little ones and needed her to socialize with other dogs in the meantime.

Put Up For Adoption

Maggie had been moping around since the last of her pups was given up for adoption. She wasn’t eating, playing, or socializing like she used to. She would quietly sit in one corner, looking miserable and her owners were affected by the changes. The couple knew that Maggie being around other dogs would be a good idea. They didn’t mind if she was placed in a kennel. All they just wanted for her was to be happy.

Getting Everything Settled In

On seeing the sad dog, Sandi Alfred, the owner of the pet motel promised to do all she could to make sure the once bubbly dog returned to her former self. Sandi walked all the pups to the kennel and made sure that all occupants were pleased with where they stayed. Sandi was about ready to take a break to get what she would eat but she had to make sure that all the pups were fine before she left. Sandi wasn't too concerned about the dogs since she had the kennels’ camera attached to an app on her phone.

Taking A Break

After she had made sure that the pups were adapting well in their kennels, she left to have dinner. She locked up the house but wasn't sure that she was not bothered about anything eventful happening in her absence since all the dogs were settled in. She entered her car and zoomed off to have dinner with her family and rest after the chores of taking care of the kennel. 

Checking In On The Kennel

She was having a nice time with her family though but was a little worried about the tenants she had left at home. She kept having this hunch that something wasn’t right. After having her meal and resting, she placed her hand into her pocket and brought out her phone. She swiped through her app and pushed the icon for the security system. The image from the camera popped up and she was able to check on the kennels. All was well as she had seen from the footage.

Something Extraordinary

When going through the footage, all of a sudden she noticed that one of her tenants had managed to escape from her kennel. Sandi became worried that the beautiful female Australian shepherd mix "Maggie" had found a way out. Maggie moved around, looking at each kennel as if she was in search of something missing. She kept on moving around for a few minutes. It seemed she had found what she was looking for so she came to a stop.

What Was She Looking For?

As Sandi watched the kennels in her car from her phone, she was wondering what Maggie was looking for around the pet motel. It could have been anything and it was very clear that the dog was very determined to find what she was in search of. As she watched how the pup looked, Sandi knew that her attention was needed immediately to help the dog back to her kennel so she had to leave.

Wagging Her Tail

Sandi who was experienced in taking care of dogs knew that Maggie wasn't afraid, neither was she having any anxiety attacks. As she continued watching the video, she saw one telltale sign that made her calm down from her worries for some time. She watched from the phone app how the dog moved around the room wagging her tail meant that Maggie was happy but determined to find what she was in search of.

Laying In Front Of A Cage

Sandi patiently watched how Maggie circled around the area in front of one kennel. Sandi immediately knew what the dog was looking for. The pup circled for a minute and then stayed in front of a particular kennel. As she sat down, her eyes were fixed on the kennel, she stopped by and was looking at something inside. She then turned around and laid down with her eyes still fixed on the rest of the kennels as if she was protecting what was inside

Nudging Something Through The Fence

She lay there for a few minutes then turned back to face the kennel she felt was hers. She began to sniff around the holes in a chain-linked fence.  She kept stirring at something inside. Aside from sniffing around with her nose, she was trying to place her paw into the kennel but it seemed she was so desperate to get whatever that was in the cage.

Returning To The Scene

After Sandi had watched the videos for a while and shared it with her family, she got up, put on her jacket, took her items, then placed her phone into her pocket and left. It didn't take her long to get to the motel so she could put Maggie back into her kennel. She intended to place Maggie back to where she belonged but something would stop her from completing the task.

So Happy To See You

As Sandi got back to the kennel Maggie was there to greet her at the kennel entrance. How did she know that she had arrived was what Sandi was thinking about? Maggie was so excited upon seeing her, she was very eager to show Sandi something which she had been looking at. Sandi realized that she must have heard the entrance door open and that was the reason why she came up to meet her. Sandi had a feeling that she had something to show her. Maggie led the way while Sandi followed.

Walked To The Emergency

Maggie moved around Sandi’s legs, trying to push her towards the kennel that she had been lying in front of in the video. It seemed to be an emergency to Maggie and that made Sandi follow her. Sandi had known earlier what was in the kennel and she wasn't surprised that the dog was anxious to know what was inside. Sandi quietly followed Maggie to the scene

It Seemed Urgent

Maggie was very eager to get into the kennel, and so kept yipping at Sandi in urgency. Sandi felt like Maggie was running faster than her.  But what was the big hurry? As they got to the corner of the kennel, Maggie moved much more quickly toward the kennel she had been sniffing around before.

Then She Stopped

As Maggie was waiting for Sandi to get to the kennel, she sat in front of the kennel and began to budge the chain link fence again. She was trying to communicate with Sandi by whimpering, trying to tell her that she needed to go into the kennel immediately. Sandi moved towards the kennel, she had already known what was inside the cage and the reason why Maggie felt that she wanted to be the occupant's roommate. Sandi was deep in thought of what could happen next.

Her Emergency Was Revealed

Maggie had been trying so hard to get into the kennel because within the chain link walls were two beautiful puppies. Apparently, the puppies had been crying in their kennel. Upon hearing their cry, the recent Momma dog found her way out of her kennel just to search for where the noise was coming from. When she found out where the noise came from, she tried all she could to reach the puppies.

But Why?

Maggie had not recovered from being separated from her puppies, so when she heard these puppies cry, she wanted to act like a mother and do what she felt was right to calm the crying puppies. She wanted to know where the crying sounds were coming from and it spurred her to break out of her own kennel.

Foster Puppies

These puppies, Hannah and Kari, had come to Sandi's pet motel the day Maggie discovered them. They were dropped off by a local animal rescue waiting to be adopted by a lucky person. The pups were very young although their mum was nowhere to be found. Despite the care of the staff, it was clear they still needed the love and affection a mother dog can give her pups. Maggie watching the incident felt bad and wanted to help.

Alone And Scared

The puppies were quite young and were very scared of being in a strange, unfamiliar place without their mother. Their cry for help made Maggie behave in the manner that she did. The puppies needed some cuddling so they could be calm and feel secure. Unfortunately, the things placed in the kennel to serve as warmth weren't enough and Maggie couldn’t reach them either.

Let The Momma In

Sandi saw the bond between Maggie and the puppies and she felt they needed each other. Sandi did what she had never done before by letting Maggie into the kennel. Although Sandi wasn’t sure that it was a good decision she had made, as soon as she saw Maggie taking up the motherly responsibility she was relieved. The puppies reacted well by nuzzling each other while Maggie laid down. The puppies crawled towards her and cuddled up.

Excitement Abounds

Maggie and the puppies were very happy, both her tail and the puppies’ wagged in excitement. Their activities made Sandi feel that she had taken the right decision. Everyone was happy and the atmosphere was at ease. It didn't take a long time before the puppies slept.

Fine You Can Stay

Sandi came to a conclusion that Maggie could stay with the puppies. She made use of her hand to give a stay signal so Maggie understood her. It was the right thing to do for both the mother dog and orphaned puppies. She shut the gate and went to prepare for the night ahead feeling assured that the temporary family were at peace. Sandi's excitement made her have a good night's rest, as she went to bed still gladdened by the dog's action.

Motherly Instinct

Maggie taking care of the orphaned puppies wasn't strange to her because she once had her own puppies and knew the amount of love and care they needed. One amazing thing about mother dogs is that their sensitivity to anything was always high ranging from smelling and hearing which was how Maggie was able to hear the puppies cry and traced the sound to where it came from.

She Needed Them Too

Maggie actually needed the puppies, just as the puppies needed her too. She could provide them with safety and warmth they needed and they could temporarily fill the hole that her missing pups had opened up. In the most unexpected places, they were able to find balance.

Sure She Can't Stay

Both Maggie and the orphaned puppies cuddled all night. In the morning, the staff were so amazed by the love Maggie showed towards these puppies that one of the staff felt it would be great to ask if Maggie could stay some days longer. When Maggie's owner returned, Sandi asked them if Maggie could stay for a couple of days, but they didn't agree to that. They said they had just adopted Maggie and they needed to spend a nice time with her too. Sandi felt so sad that Maggie would no longer be with them at the motel.

Puppy Love

Before Maggie was taken home, Sandi wanted to show her owner how beautiful Maggie and the puppies bonded. They watched in excitement how their dog behaved like a heroine towards the puppies. Sandi took them back into the kennel and they cuddled themselves up. Sandi also showed Maggie's owner the video footage, they felt so amazed to have a wonderful dog like Maggie who showed her motherly duty but unfortunately she had to leave the motel.

Playful and Shy

The staff told Maggie's owner not to be bothered about the puppies. The staff had fallen in love with the puppies and they decided to adopt them and treat the puppies like theirs. This meant that the staff had to be playing with them always and each of them would take them home with them during the evenings. That way they would be able to give the puppies the love they needed just like how Maggie did.

Not Surprising Though

Soon the video landed on the internet and everyone was abuzz with information of the selfless dog who temporarily adopted puppies that weren’t hers. Based on this story, there's nothing bad about Maggie's action other than her ability to escape from her kennel. Everyone was grateful for the camera installed at the pet motel that had the dog's footage captured. Without it, no one would have known how the amazing the dog showed motherly love towards the puppies that weren't hers.