Heroic Soldier Saved The Day At TacoBell

A Remarkable Twist in a Routine Day

Imagine a regular day becoming an extraordinary adventure when you least expect it. 

That's what happened to Robert Risdon. He woke up one morning with simple plans, thinking everything would be fine. But little did he know, this day would take an unexpected turn.

Robert Risdon, known for coaching the Columbus Lions and his role in a Georgia football team, held an even more remarkable position as a Lieutenant Colonel. On an ordinary trip to grab some food, he had no idea that his day would become anything but ordinary.

A Coach's Endless Journey

Life was hectic for him. Going home wasn't a regular thing because he worked late into the night, often putting in long hours. 

Juggling the responsibilities of coaching two sports teams and being an essential presence for his players meant he crisscrossed the country regularly. On top of all that, he and his co-coach, Jason Gibson, had the extra duty of scouting talent for their teams.

Exhausted from a weekend filled with scouting and coaching as his team prepared for the Senior Bowl, Robert Risdon hoped for a moment to relax. Little did he know that the calmness he sought was still far from his grasp.

A Sudden Storm's Costly Surprise

As they neared their house, an unexpected storm rolled in. 

With no shelter in sight except for a nearby Taco Bell and their stomachs growling with hunger, they decided to stop there and wait for the rain to pass. Little did they know this detour would take an unexpected turn.

Just as they were about to enter, the thunder roared, and the storm intensified. Grateful to have found shelter, Risdon and Gibson watched as the thunder rattled the windows. Unknown to them, the weather would soon become the least of their worries.

A Surprising Crowd at the Restaurant

To his surprise, the restaurant was bustling with many people seeking refuge from the storm.

It seemed he wasn't the only one who had chosen this abandoned building for shelter. He joined the queue to place his order, eager to satisfy his hunger.

After ordering, he scanned the room for an available table as his hunger chewed at him. But then, a sudden awareness began to creep in, signaling that something unexpected was about to unfold.

Confrontation in the Stormy Restaurant

The night was dark and stormy, lightning flashing as two individuals, covered entirely in black and looking thoroughly drenched from the recent downpour, entered the cozy restaurant.

However, the atmosphere inside seemed as moody as the weather outside. As Robert Risdon laid eyes on them, he couldn't help but wonder how long they had been braving the rain to reach this spot as he noticed water pooling around their feet, turning the floor slippery.

An Unsettling Encounter

Robert Risdon couldn't ignore the fact that they had noticed him.

 Yet, they continued to shoot sneaking glances in his direction, their suspicious behavior not escaping his military-trained instincts. He remained vigilant, determined to prevent any potential trouble.

His concern grew as the two young men approached the cash register and exchanged signals with the person behind it. The cashier responded with a dismissive shake of her head, and whatever she said seemed to provoke the young men into hurried action, their intentions remaining a mystery to everyone except themselves.

A Puzzling Sequence Unfolds

The two young men abruptly shifted their focus. They began similarly approaching other tables, leaving onlookers confused about their intent. 

The response they received from the people around them was a universal confusion. As tension escalated, the duo quickened their pace, seemingly aiming to make a hasty exit, until they spotted Robert Risdon moving about in his military uniform.

Expecting them to scatter or seek cover upon seeing his uniform, Risdon was taken aback by their unexpected response. Instead of fleeing, they stood tall and marched purposefully towards him. Just as Risdon prepared to assess the unusual situation that had caught everyone's attention, a sudden shout hit the air, disrupting the unfolding events.

Unexpected Offer in the Rain

Despite a staff member's attempt to shoo them away, the determined young men persisted in their mission. 

They moved swiftly between the tables and halted before Robert Risdon, drenched from head to toe. As he stared into their eyes, their next words left him utterly shocked.

With confidence, they asked him if he wanted to purchase candy. They displayed a package of baked goods, and while Risdon had been sporting a smile moments ago, it vanished as quickly as it had appeared. He couldn't help but wonder why these boys were selling candies in a restaurant and whether he had enough cash to offer.

A Puzzling Encounter Deepens

Jason Gibson, a fellow coaching staff member, regretfully informed the boys that he didn't have any money to spare either. 

He observed their shoulders slumping and their heads dropping in disbelief, leaving everyone wondering about the unfolding situation.

Curious, he asked the boys about the purpose of their candy sales. They explained that they were trying to raise money for their church's upcoming service. As the boys readied to depart the restaurant, Robert Risdon observed something else worth noting.

A Heartwarming Gesture

Robert Risdon took a closer look at the boys. He noticed their worn appearance, as if they hadn't had a decent meal in weeks, and their drenched condition from selling candy in the rain.

He offered them a warm smile and shared, "During my time in the army, I often knew what it was like to be hungry, cold, and soaked to the bone." He understood the value of a hot meal in such circumstances.

Then, he challenged them, "Can you both finish ten tacos right now?" Surprised but glowing with big smiles, the two lads turned to each other and proudly nodded in agreement.

A Generous Gesture of Kindness

Rising from his seat, Robert led the youngsters to the cash register, where he assured them they could order anything they desired from the menu. 

Their faces lit up with excitement, and Risdon was even more surprised when they came to a mutual understanding.

To demonstrate their honesty and integrity, they called their church father. They asked Risdon to speak with him, ensuring that the money used for their meal wouldn't come from the church funds. As he witnessed this act of obedience, Robert Risdon was deeply touched by their sincerity and goodwill.

A Heartwarming Meal Together

Despite their ordeal of walking in the rain and skipping dinner to support their church, Robert Risdon was so moved by their selflessness that he helped the boys place an order for five tacos each. 

Jason Gibson captured this heartwarming moment on camera.

Gibson was astonished as he watched both boys eat their first tacos in a matter of seconds, a feat he had never witnessed before. The profound level of respect these two young individuals displayed left the two adults utterly impressed and deeply touched.

Respect and Inspiration

Jason Gibson noted that their interactions with the boys were characterized by a respectful "Yes sir, no sir" tone, a testament to the effective upbringing they had received. 

Suddenly, one of the boys had something important to share with Robert Risdon.

BJ, the youngest brother at just nine years old, expressed his deep inspiration to become a soldier like Risdon when he grew up. The sincerity in the young boy's words touched Risdon's heart, highlighting the impact he had on these boys' lives.

Teaching Respect and Generosity

Risdon fondly recalled when the young boy saluted him with his left hand while holding a taco in his right, the incorrect hand for a salute. 

Knowing the importance of proper military protocol, Risdon gently guided the boy to put down his taco and taught him the correct way to salute, a skill that might serve him well if he chose to become a soldier in the future.

Reflecting on the possibility of the video going viral and reaching a broad audience, Risdon explained that the entire experience touched him deeply. The thought of his own children facing a similar situation moved him to take action and assist the boys, ultimately ending their day by buying them some tacos.

A Viral Act of Kindness

Just minutes after Jason Gibson posted the video capturing Risdon's heartwarming moment with the two boys, the post began to gain thousands of comments and likes. 

Gibson was surprised by how quickly it went viral and showed it to Risdon, who couldn't help but feel like a hero.

As they were leaving the restaurant, they were met with a standing ovation from the crowd present, which brought tears of happiness to Risdon's eyes. Later, after completing their coaching mission with the football team, they returned to the barracks for a warm welcome and yet another standing ovation from fellow soldiers. In recognition of his exemplary actions, Risdon was promoted from Lieutenant Colonel to Lieutenant General, serving as an inspiring example for others to follow.