How To Increase Your Chances Of Finding A Partner Through Online Dating

There’s no doubt that things have drastically changed (for better or for worse) ever since a vast majority of people have started relying on technology. These days, most of us are using it to shop online, make reservations, and even find a partner.

But if you ask us, there's nothing wrong with that. Why wouldn't we make use of it, when everything is so much simpler, and faster? Just because you're opting for online dating, it doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to find someone worth your time.

However, if you’re relatively new to this, things may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry. With the help of these awesome tips and tricks that we compiled for you, you’ll find your perfect match in a matter of seconds.

Be Direct And Honest

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for something casual, or serious, it’s mandatory to be completely honest with the person you’re talking to. After all, you are trying to find the right match, and no relationship is going to survive if you’re not honest about who you are and what you’re looking for.

That’s simply a fact that cannot be denied. Only then you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. If there are some topics that you perceived as “touchy”, it would be advisable to mention them right away, just to avoid unpleasant situations in the future.

It’s All About The App You Select

If you want this entire journey to be successful, then it’s of huge importance to pick the right app. Many studies have shown that over 70% of app users have successful first dates which is very encouraging and promising, however, that might not be the case with you if you make the wrong choice. But how will you determine that?

For starters, ensure you do your homework, meaning to browse the web to see which dating apps are at your disposal. Namely, there are the ones that are intended mostly for casual dating, then the ones that are mostly packed with users who are looking for a serious relationship, those who are for same-sex partners, etc.

Now, if you’re a woman who isn’t afraid to make the first step, then probably the best option for you is an app called Bumble. Out there, women are practically obligated to initiate the conversation.

On the other hand, if you are into same sex, then currently, the best apps for these purposes, are undoubtedly, Grindr and HER. They are generally intended for all LGBTQ+ individuals.

What's generally great about these apps is the fact that you can practically find anyone for any type of relationship, you just have to tick the right box. All in all, the point is to explore your options, and do thorough research, just so you do not have any regrets later.

Filtered Photos Only In Moderation

We know that a plethora of people nowadays, love using filters to enhance their pictures. And this doesn’t refer to people who are on dating apps and websites only. Everyone is drawn to this, however, that may not be the smartest thing to do.

That’s especially the case when it comes to online dating. At the end of the day, you want someone (you like) to see you for who you really are, and that’s not going to be possible if you apply filters that significantly modify your appearance.

If you have a pimple that doesn't "belong" on your face, then okay, you can remove it. This is acceptable for any other small irregularity on your face. However, that doesn't mean that you should enlarge your lips, decrease the size of your nose, and other things that will turn you into a completely different person that's totally unrecognizable. The whole point of posting your pictures is not only to showcase your beauty but also to show your personality.

And that’s something you won’t be able to accomplish if you look like someone else. Speaking of your photographs, make sure to include a variety of different pictures, starting from the one where your face is in the forefront, then a full-body shot, and others.

You can also add pictures where you are doing something interesting, and something that you love so that people can get a glimpse of who you are as a person. Remember that old saying "A picture's worth a thousand words."

You Should Stand Out From The Rest

We assume that you’ll perceive this as the most obvious thing to do, but you wouldn’t believe how many people do not do things properly when it comes to this, and then they wonder why they are unable to find a partner.

The easiest (but not the wisest) thing to do is to write something that’s relatively common and written by many, like “I love music”, “I’m a nice person”, and other sentences that are seen practically on everyone’s profile.

Even though these things are okay, it would be so much more appealing and interesting if you wrote something that’s going to spice things up a bit and stimulate others to pick you over anyone else.

So how will you be able to determine that? Just take a few moments of your time and think of all the things (interesting ones, of course) that you did recently that are unusual in a most positive way.

Or it doesn't have to be any form of activity. Write about the things you love doing that are not loved by most people. Both of these things will most likely grab the attention of a person who is similar to you.

If, at this very moment, nothing crosses your mind that may potentially be interesting to others, or you potentially overlooked something, then be sure to consult your closest friends, and/or family members, to see what they are going to suggest.

No one ever said that finding your kindred spirit is something that can be done in a flash, however, if you implement some of these tips that we mentioned today, you’ll for sure speed up this process.