Man Hears Strange Noises In His Driveway, Discovers A Spine-Tingling Truth

Own Property

Many people always dreamt of having their own property and house at a young age. Once they’ve made it, a huge adjustment would be necessary. A 37-year-old British man suddenly discovered a deep backstory of his new home.

When Simon Marks uncovered the jarring secret hidden in his house, his life never remained the same. 

House Owner

Not everyone would have the opportunity to buy a property and a house for $500,000. Especially if the place is a convenient one and a well-built house. At a young age, Simon had already purchased his own home in Luton, England. However, as at the time of purchase he didn't know his house was sitting on a pile of secrets.

Wise Man

Many people who knew Simon since he was younger already thought he would become a great man. At a very young age, Simon had been discovering things on his own, and he loved to explore and save his money.

Unusual Kid

Even Simon’s parents were shocked to discover new sides of him. It seemed like his future was already written and just waiting for him to grow up. Little did they know a huge event would change Simon’s life.

Growing Up

When Simon reached 17, his parents saw he was good at handling money. Even though he spent most of his time wandering around and trying new things, he still managed his money very well. It was surprising.

Money Handler

Simon’s parents had been allowing him to budget his allowance as they wanted to discover more about him. After several years, Simon went to college and took a finance course. It was no surprise for everyone since he really loved handling money.

Great Achievements

During his mid-year at the university, Simon received many awards for doing very well in his academics. Later on, they found out that he was selected as one of the university’s scholars and was willing to recommend him to any company once he graduated.

Law of Attraction

He thought everything was going on smoothly until a week before his graduation. Simon’s mom passed away, and he was only left with his dad until he graduated. At age 21, Simon dedicated his life to fulfilling his mom’s expectations of him and worked as a finance professional.

Own Goals

After several years, He had a moment to reflect on things. Simon realized that he wasn’t living the life he wanted. Even though he tried to fulfill his mom’s dream, Simon wanted something different. 

A Difference

Simon loved his job and decided to live the life of his dreams. He began to save money to move out of their house since his dad already had a partner. Simon wanted some privacy and a place closer to his workplace. At that time, he had no idea what was waiting for him.

A Plan

At 36, Simon lived in an apartment far from his workplace. At that time, it was hard to look for a good apartment in England since there were many people. Simon knew his savings might not be enough to buy a home, but he still tried to look for one.

Hard Times

When Simon checked his account, he only had $400,000 saved from working for several years. He was somewhat disappointed since he planned to buy a house at 30. Simon felt lost.

Awaited Moment

A year passed, and Simon turned 37. Finally, he saved up to $800,000 since he also worked different jobs and got great pay. One day, when he was looking for a home.

Unexpected Message

Simon opened the message, and his eyes went wide. He was shocked to discover that a house was open for sale for only $500,000. Simon was very excited and inquired about visiting the place.

The House

Apart from the fact that it was cheap, what appealed to Simon was that it also had complete papers and was near his workplace. He felt so lucky. The timing was right when he looked for an excellent place to settle.


Upon inspecting and checking up on the house, it was great. Simon thought it was cheap for half a million dollars and had no idea that the owners were in a hurry to get rid of it. After the viewing, Simon signed the papers and bought the place.

Moving In

After a few days of moving his things to his new home, Simon felt like a fresh start. It was great for him not to worry about paying monthly rent since he already had his own home. The house was located in Luton, England, a short commute to his workplace.

Happy Face

Every day, Simon set his alarm to 8 am so he could have enough time to prepare. However, one night, something happened that kept him awake.

Strange Sound

At exactly 2 am in the midnight, Simon could not sleep because of a strange noise, unsure where it was coming from. After a while, he went up and checked where the sound was coming from.

The Noise

Simon could not find the sound inside the house. But when he looked outside the window, the noise was clearly coming from his driveway, but he could not see anything. The sound was like gravel scraping on metal sound.

The Next Day

It was 9 am when Simon discovered something in his new home. He reversed his black  Vauxhall Zafira car, and instead of moving backward, the car went forward. Simon wondered why until he went outside his car to check.

Weird Thing

When Simon went outside to check what was wrong, he saw that his car was stuck in something. After a while, he noticed that the floor on his driveway cracked. Simon had no idea what had happened, and the reason behind it would make him feel weak.


Simon tried to dig for the thing that made his car stuck, and he uncovered a mysterious old metal. As he continued to dig, it was getting deeper and deeper until his heart sank because of what he discovered. 


Days passed, and Simon still could not find what was in his new home. He just knew that the thing he saw wasn’t on the blueprint. He proceeded to call his dad to see what he had just discovered, so they decided to make a huge investigation.

Old Owners

Simon found that the house's former owner was a 1970s elderly couple. After a few more diggings, Simon’s father, Gerald, discovered a black hole they thought was a sinkhole. Simon felt a massive stab in his body, thinking it might eat up his new home.

More to it

Even though hesitating, Simon still wanted to know what was happening in his house. After some time, Gabriel and Simon revealed a rectangular hole with a rusty ladder. Simon could not help but feel curious about what was on the inside of it; it might be something sinister.

Dark Room

With much hesitation, Simon finally gathered his courage to wander inside the dark, sinister hole. Revealing inside the two passageways that made no sense to him. After seeing the two rooms, he rushed to his laptop and researched more about the area where his house was located.

Place’s History

The owners forgot to tell Simon the history of the house. Upon searching for it, Simon said, “my dad saw it and instantly said it’s an air raid shelter. We googled it and found quite a few in this area.” After scrolling more, Simon found another piece of information.

Brief History

It was found that the undergrounds were built in World War II by Sir John Anderson. It was made to prepare for county war to defend the citizens from bombings. Simon also found that there were 2 million bomb shelter around the country. However, the passage under Simon’s house was built differently.


As they continued to dig, they have uncovered newspaper artifacts showing British life during World War II. The area also had food storages showing how people tried to survive in the passageway, and reporters started to flood Simon’s driveway. In the end, Simon wanted to preserve as he felt obligated to proudly show the shelter to future generations,