Siblings Separated for 40 Years Finally Reunite, Make Shocking Discovery When They Finally Meet Up


Kitt and Tasha Wakeley are 2 siblings from Oklahoma that had to endure a lot of abuse during their childhood. That’s why child protective services decided enough was enough and rescued them. 

He was 5 and she was 4 when the whole ordeal happened. Unfortunately, the siblings were forced to go separate ways and it will not be years later until fate brings them back together again. 

Together forever

Kitt confessed on numerous occasions that the reason he managed to endure all the mistreatment was due to his sister. He said that knowing he had his sister with him made him stronger. He explained: “Even at that young age, we had to have each other to get through it.” He thought they would manage to find a family that would adopt them both. 


During his time in the system, he and Tasha changed a lot of foster homes. The whole experience left a mark on him. Kitt claimed that those times were haunting and horrific times. His hope that his wish will come true never diminished though. He didn’t know his dreams were about to be shattered.

Missing half

Their time together was cut short by a foster care representative who decided to separate them. None of them wanted this, but they had no other choice than to say their goodbyes. With tears in their little eyes, they didn’t know if they would get a chance to see each other again. The whole experience was more than traumatic. 

Paper bag

Even now, years after the event, he recalls that horrific day. He said, ”I just remember they packed her stuff in a grocery bag, you know the typical paper bag, and I just remember her crying, me crying, they took her out the door. So, to this day, I hate the rustling paper sack.” 


Separated from his sister, he managed to get adopted by a lovely family. His new parents were Jack and Linda Wakeley. Their affection towards their boy paid off, given the success he had as an adult. The career path Kitt was about to take would be life changing and eventually help him reunite with his sister. 


He couldn’t stop thinking about his beloved sister. Even though he had everything a young child needs, there was this constant void inside of him, calling for her. He managed to find some solace eventually. During this hard time he managed to find his passion. 


Music was his salvation. Beginning his musical career at the young age of 16, he managed to make something of himself. First, he wrote the intro for one of Oklahoma’s top radio DJ’s shows. Slowly, but surely he was building a dream life for himself.


After forging his career, Kitt became a well known figure in the industry. He was now a composer, a writer and a producer. He had an impressive collection of guitars in a variety of shapes and colors. His music became truly appreciated over the years given the unique twist he managed to add to it. Life was finally looking up for him and it looked like everything was perfect. But that wasn't the case.


Kitt had made a name for himself and gathered a fanbase playing orchestral rock. It was an interesting and tempting combination of genres. His fans are always eager to listen to him and what he produced for them. The success that followed though… that’s something Kitt could’ve only dreamt of. However, something was missing.

No. 1

His dedication to music brought him dozens of awards that he has displayed in his household. His songs hit number 1 on the Billboards not once, but twice and that was an achievement of which he is quite proud. Kitt was a balanced man. He didn’t only focus on his career, but on personal life as well. Family was everything to him. 

Family man

Even though he was really proud of what he managed to achieve financially, he couldn’t be more proud of his wife, Melissa. She was always there for him, in sickness and in health. 

Nothing without love

He always thanked and complimented her whenever he won another award and she was always there to cheer him on, to offer support and encouragement. They made a lovely team and were happy together. He even had a special nickname for her. 


He called her ”Seven” and even had an explanation for his choice. He said, ”I call her Seven because in the Bible, as we’re taught, the number 7 is the number of perfection.” He couldn’t be more thankful for everything he received moving forward. And even though his life was great, there still was one last piece missing. 


Even though his life is perfect as is and he was grateful for everything he had gained, he still wanted that last piece that would complete the puzzle… his sister. He never forgot about her and the hardships they faced together. Their chances of getting reunited diminished greatly over the years. 


When they got adopted, their last names were changed, which only made it more impossible for them to find each other. He tried reaching out, yet no one was able to offer him any clue as to where she might be. Her not being there always left him longing for more. 


The whole experience felt like he had unresolved affairs. Like he was always looking, searching, and yearning for something but never reaching it. Not having his sister that he had searched for so long left a huge void in his life that made him uncomfortable. He thought all hope was lost, then something miraculous happened. 

Found you

One afternoon, he received a message from a woman claiming to be his sister. He was in shock. He didn’t know what to think, whether to believe her or not. Everything seemed surreal. 


He didn’t believe her at first because he forgot one important detail about his sister. While he was a white guy, Tasha was biracial. She was half African-American, half white, so the difference between the 2 of them was quite jarring. He felt a connection though and decided to do a trial by fire to see whether or not she truly was his sister. 


In order to prove she was his actual sister, he asked her a lot of personal questions and by the end of it all, he didn’t need any more proof. She indeed was his sibling. She knew the answers to those questions that no one else did. There was no DNA test necessary, there was no background check necessary.” Kitt was shocked when he discovered how Tasha managed to find him. 


Tasha wanted to be reunited with her brother as well. That’s why she used in the hopes of finding him. She was successful. It was the smile that gave him away, his happy face remained almost unchanged over the years. The discovery they made afterwards though, was even more shocking.


Tasha’s whole face ached from so much smiling. She was just so excited to finally be able to hug her long lost brother again. She explained, ”I was melting while I was texting him. I just… and I couldn’t stop smiling. My jaws were literally just sore, just tired”. After catching up, the siblings realized they could’ve ran into each other at any time. 

Less than a mile apart

When they both talked about where life had taken them, Kitt and Tasha discovered they were almost neighbors. They lived less than a mile apart so they could've met before or, at least, been near each other. Kitt was truly amazed by this. 

Crossing paths

Kitt explained: ”There’s no way we haven’t been to the same grocery store, to the same gas station, the same pharmacy… You name it. We’ve been in the same place who knows how many times and had no idea we were crossing each other’s paths.” He couldn’t even express into words how happy and complete he felt now. 

Finally together

Now that his sister is back into his life, Kitt’s life was finally whole. That void was no longer there. He explained: ”Having her come back into the mix, there is a source of completeness. You’re not constantly wondering if you’re going to run into her somewhere. Or if you’re ever going to find her.” Even though Tasha’s life didn’t turn out to be as successful as Kitt’s, she did quite well for herself.

Family first

Tasha was a wife and dedicated mother. She took great pride in her 3 kids, whom she loved dearly. Now that her brother was back they were reunited and stronger than before. As fate would have it though, life hasn’t stopped its surprises for the two of them. 

Lucky 7

Seven turned out to be a well-picked nickname for Kitt’s wife. Tasha had 3 kids and Kitt 4, making it a total of 7. The coincidence made the sibling wonder whether or not the universe was sending them a sign. Even though he has plenty, life still has something in store for the composer. 

Big family

Kitt and Melissa are proud of their 4 kids and they love them dearly. That is why they were looking to extend their family and they were interested in adopting. They decided to adopt 3 wonderful siblings. They had their doubts about adopting so many, but they realized it was the right call. 

Lessons from the past

Kitt’s past experience in the foster care system taught him an important lesson. That siblings should never be separated and that is why he decided to adopt all 3 children so as not to make them go through the same trauma as he did. He explained, Everything that I’ve been through in life has prepared me for this moment, to adopt.”


After everything they went through, Tasha and Kitt were grateful to have been able to find each other again and they’ll surely spend more time together now that they live so close to each other. This just goes to show that miracles do happen from time to time. They both feel complete and their search for one another can cease.