Jan 21, 2020

Transitioning From College To Adulthood

After getting through childhood, elementary school, high school and college, young adults tend to figure they have conquered the world....

Jul 9, 2018

Now That You’ve Graduated, Here’s How To Order A Drink Like An Adult

Time to get a little fancier with your cocktails.

May 24, 2018

How To Celebrate Turning 21 In New York City

Unique ways to spend your twenty-first birthday in New York City.

Adulting Is Hard! Here Are 20 Must-See Tweets About Adulting

If you're struggling with adulthood, don't worry, you're not alone.

Dec 26, 2017

21 'Mistakes' Every Girl Makes in Her 20s

When you turn 20, you get this exhilarating feeling about leaving your teen years behind and finally entering adulthood. Whether...

Jul 26, 2015

Jun 26, 2015

30 Signs You're Actually Becoming an Adult

When you were younger, you couldn’t wait to grow up and be an adult. But, as you’ve quickly learned, there...

Dec 10, 2012

What I Couldn't Ask My Mom For On My Christmas List [The Weekly 10]

I obviously wanted SOMEONE to hear all the crazy things I want though, so I'm going to share them with you, lovely CC readers. It can't hurt because if any of you are super well-connected and want to make one of these things happen,

Aug 29, 2012

I Think I'm Terrified of Adulthood [Confessions of a Twenty-Something]

I know I have mentioned this a few times, but as twenty-somethings, we’re still trying to figure it all out. We’re in this crazy limbo stage where we’re kind of kids but kind of adults.

Jun 16, 2011

Sexy Time: Pregnancy Scare

A condom can break, you can slip up and miss a pill, you can leave your NuvaRing out a few days longer than necessary. All of those small failures can lead to one of the most stressful times in a woman's life -- the unplanned pregnancy scare. That sinking, gnawing feeling that your uterus may not be uninhabited. You start freaking out at every little symptom. Nauseated in the morning...Am I hungry or is this morning sickness?

Oct 5, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: Here Come The Holidays

Whether we want to believe it or not, the holidays are approaching. I know, it feels like summer just started - even though it really just ended - but the reality is that temperatures are dropping, leaves are starting to change, and before we know it, it’ll be time for turkey, presents, and busy shopping malls.

Sep 21, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: How Adult

I’m not even five months out of college, and the word “adult” seems to have taken on an entirely new meaning. It appears that the idea of being an adult is boggling post-grads, such as myself, night and day – even over mundane things. Facebook status updates don’t lie, especially when recent grads are excited to update the world about their climb into adulthood.

Aug 10, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: I Quit!

There comes a tipping point where you have to say “enough is enough,” and you either need to fix what is driving you to the edge or take a step back to realize what needs to be fixed. My tipping point just arrived and resulted in me saying: “I quit!”

Jun 29, 2010

The Post-Grad Journey: Adulthood Decision Making 101

Looking back, college didn’t require a lot of serious decision making – even though I thought it did. For the most part, I made decisions about frivolous things such as: Should I wear pajamas to class today? Should I stick to rum and Coke or go for the Jager bombs? Should I go out tonight or should I spend time working on that eleven-page term paper?