Jul 15, 2020

Where to Find Visual Art?

You might have seen some mesmerizing pieces of artwork throughout different walks of your life. Be it the marvelous Mona...

Jul 9, 2020

Louvre Reopens: New Rules, Changes & Must-See Details

As museums start to reopen around the world, new practices are allowing people to reconnect and newly appreciate the art without crowds. The reopened Louvre is helping locals rediscover its masterpieces.

Jul 6, 2020

Colors Of The World: Crayola’s New Multi-Cultural Collection

No more will Black and people of color struggle to find their skin tone in a crayon box — Crayola has released "Colors of the World" art supplies.

Avocado Art: Taking The Millennial Trend To A New Level Millennials and art lovers rejoice (if you are both then...

Jun 12, 2017