Ask A Dude

Nov 6, 2015

“I Found Pictures Of My Boyfriend’s Ex On His Phone” [Ask a Dude]

Is he keeping the pictures for simple physical attraction or more?

Oct 30, 2015

“Do Guys Care If Girls Wear Makeup Or Not?” [Ask A Dude]

"I love experimenting with makeup, but there are just some days I'm too tired to deal with it."

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Oct 23, 2015

“When Should Girls Pay On A Date?” [Ask a Dude]

The scripture to paying your way is finally revealed!

Oct 9, 2015

“Do I Give The Hot Customer I’m Serving My Number?” [Ask A Dude]

If your server at a restaurant were to give you her number, would this be appropriate or seen as unprofessional?

Oct 2, 2015

“What’s The Difference Between Cute, Sexy, & Hot?” [Ask a Dude]

Guys always call me cute, but never hot or sexy.

Sep 25, 2015

“Why Do Guys Keep Asking Me Out When I Have A Boyfriend?” [Ask a Dude]

Guys continually flirt and invite me out, even when they know I’m off the market.

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Sep 18, 2015

“Do Guys Judge Me By What I Eat On A Date?” [Ask A Dude]

If I was on a date and a girl ordered a rack of ribs, I would tell her I loved her.

Aug 7, 2015

“Why Is My Boyfriend So Anti-PDA?” [Ask A Dude]

Is he just being shy around his buddies or is he hiding something?

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Jul 31, 2015

“My Friends Are Terrible Matchmakers” [Ask a Dude]

I'm constantly being dragged on double dates with a friend, her bf, and her boyfriend's friend.

Jul 24, 2015

“Do I Tell My Parents I Met My BF Online?” [Ask a Dude]

I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid.

Jul 17, 2015

“My Boyfriend Drinks More Than He Can Handle” [Ask A Dude]

"I feel like I can't drink more than a few beers whenever we go out just in case he has one of those nights."

Jul 2, 2015

“Can I Convince My Boyfriend To Have A Threesome?” [Ask A Dude]

I've always been secretly interested in having a threesome.

Jun 26, 2015

“Why Do Guys Avoid Party Girls?” [Ask A Dude]

"I know I can be faithful to a guy and still have a good time!"

Jun 12, 2015

“Is He Judging Me Because My Number Is High?” [Ask A Dude]

It was pretty clear that my number was higher than his. I'm worried that he's secretly judging me.

Oct 28, 2014

The Dude Recaps: “Sleepy Hollow” Season 2, Episode 6

“Once a hero, always a hero.” Meet Joe Corben, the son of the dearly departed Sheriff Corben (this show could...

Oct 27, 2014

“Do I Take Him Back After He Dumped Me Two Weeks Ago?” [Ask A Dude]

Dear dude! So I had been together with this guy for 3 years. A week or so before the breakup we would end up in arguments. A few days later he tells me he doesn't know if he has feelings for someone else.

Oct 24, 2014

The Dude Recaps: “How To Get Away With Murder” Season 1, Episode 5

Momentum. Momentum is everything when telling a serialized story over the course of a season of television. It’s exponentially as...

Oct 21, 2014

The Dude Recaps: “Sleepy Hollow,” Season 2, Episode 5

Oh, right! Katrina’s still around. This week Sleepy Hollow shifted character focus to give us an episode dealing more directly...

Oct 20, 2014

“Can I Tell Him To Stop Talking To His Ex?” [Ask A Dude]

Hey Dude, I really need your advice, This guy I’ve been seeing is still talking to his ex girlfriend via...

Oct 14, 2014

The Dude Recaps: “Sleepy Hollow,” Season 2, Episode 4

Okay, let’s get the most important point out of the way: ICHABOD CAN DRIVE! More on that later. This week’s...

Oct 13, 2014

“Am I Just His Rebound? Is He Mine?” [Ask A Dude]

Dear Dude, I’ve been dating this guy for a month now. It seems to be going well – we hang...

Oct 10, 2014

The Dude Recaps: “How To Get Away With Murder,” Season 1, Episode 3

The third episode of any TV show is crucial. Kind of like the old school notion of a third date,...

Sep 29, 2014

“He’s Older. And My Boss…Bad Idea?” [Ask A Dude]

He's 20 and a junior in college, I'm starting to like him but I'm not sure if he likes me or not and I'm not sure if he's to old for me. Do you think he will text or call me?

Sep 22, 2014

“Should I Shack Up With My Roommate?” [Ask A Dude]

I'm not sure if I have been friendzoned or not and was hoping for a male opinion. So, of course, there is this guy. He's three years younger than I am...I'm almost 25 and he'll be 22 soon.

Sep 8, 2014

“Does He Want To Be More Than Just Friends?” [Ask A Dude]

Sometimes things between us don't really fit into the category of 'just friends' and I kind of get confused by him.

Sep 1, 2014

“It’s Him Or South Korea. Which Do I Pick?” [Ask A Dude]

I am moving abroad either to his country or South Korea but I can't help but feel influenced by him. Does it seem like he wants to get back together if we only lived nearby? He has even implied if he saw me again he would want to be intimate.

Aug 25, 2014

“Should I Make The Move On My Super Shy Guy?” [Ask A Dude]

You’ve got a super-shy guy who sends off nothing but good signals and you want to know whether you should wait on him or make the next move yourself. Well, if you have to ask the question…

Aug 18, 2014

“What Do I Do With My Ex From Hell?” [Ask A Dude]

My boyfriend of a year cheated on me. When I confronted him he denied it. I then went through his phone and he admitted it. He said he cheated on me because I was getting fat, that he had told me to go to the gym and I never did

Aug 11, 2014

“He Won’t Tell Me What I Did To Break Us Up!” [Ask A Dude]

So, I have been in a relationship with a guy for about a year and a half. A couple months into the relationship I found out he had a girlfriend, one who he’d been in a very long relationship with, but lived in another city.

Aug 4, 2014

“Will He Ever Be Ready To Move The Relationship Forward?” [Ask A Dude]

He's a year younger than me and was raised quite catholic: moving in together is a much bigger deal to him than it is to me, plus there are a lot of big life changes for him coming up; big, scary risks to take in his career and with our relationship.

Jul 28, 2014

“We Had One Great Date. Now What?” [Ask A Dude]

I thought everything went great, we had a casual conversation. However, I can't really tell if he's actually interested or if he's just being nice.