Ask A Roommate

Feb 22, 2012

Ask A Roommate: Don't Bring Me Down

The transition into college is extremely difficult. It doesn't matter if you are a partier or like to spend your Saturday nights studying, college is a big change and often leads to at least some sadness. While it doesn't always end up this way, the transition can, for some people, cause depression. Here's Marysa's advice for helping a roommate that's going through a hard time...

Feb 15, 2012

Ask a Roommate: Who Let the Dogs Out?

When it comes to pets, is it better to compromise...or to put your foot down? Pets can be tons of fun in the right home -- a cat is great for hours of entertainment and bonding time for roomies who are stressed out to the max. But what if your roommate wants to get a pet, and you totally hate the idea of it?

Feb 8, 2012

Ask a Roommate: What Smells? Uhh…Her.

When you live with a roommate, sometimes things get gross. Whether it's because your roomie has a few too many drinks and gets sick, or because she has a bad habit of waiting too long to wash the dishes, you're going to be faced with a messy situation eventually. But what do you do if the ick is more personal than that? What do you say to your roomie if she has a B.O. problem?

Ask A Roommate: Money Problems!

Dealing with finances on your own is tough enough without the added stress of having someone ask to "borrow" money every day without ever paying you back. The situation gets even more difficult when this person is your roommate.

Feb 1, 2012

Ask A Roommate: How Do I Find Someone to Live With?

Every week, Marysa gives great advice about how to live with a roommate. She's helped you solve just about any problem you could run into when sharing a room with someone. But how do you get a roommate in the first place?

Jan 25, 2012

Ask A Roommate: How Can I Make My Roommate Help Clean the Bathroom?

No one likes cleaning the bathroom. But, unless you enjoy showering in a moldy filth zone, someone's gotta pick up the Lysol spray from time to time. Most roommates understand this, and it's easy to split up chore duties so everything stays squeaky clean. But what happens when you're living with that one person who simple refuses to chip in?

Jan 18, 2012

Jan 4, 2012

Ask a Roommate: How to Choose!?

Maybe you're switching up roommates for the new spring semester, maybe you're starting to look for a summer/post-grad roommate, or maybe you simply want to know how to pick the perfect person to live with. Either way, it's serious stuff. So many of the problems Marysa tackles for you guys can be avoided by simply picking someone whose living style is compatible with yours.

Dec 28, 2011

Ask a Roommate: Can I Borrow That?

Living with a roommate is usually a lot of fun. Living with a roommate who has a dream wardrobe is...well...a dream. Cute going out tops, designer skinny jeans, sparkly long necklaces -- it's all enough to make a girl feel like she lives in Forever 21. But unlike a fabulous store, you can't just try on your roommate's clothes, drop what doesn't fit on the floor and walk away with the rest.

Dec 27, 2011

CC Shoutout: 3 Reasons Why You Should Ask a Roommate

My freshman year I couldn't stand my roommate. After three-month old Indian food and dried puke on her bedspread, I spent the entire year living out of a friends room. Rarely did I ask for advice. I just felt like there was no hope. Lucky for you, we run a weekly web series, hosted by the fabulous Marysa, that addresses common roommate problems (submitted by YOU!).

Dec 21, 2011

Ask A Roommate: Talk It Out

After reading your comments, we realized the concept of "talking it out" is easier said than done. Today Marysa's got the 411 on how to initiate calm, mature and constructive conversations with your roommate so as to solve issues ASAP.

Dec 14, 2011

Ask A Roommate: Do I Have to Buy Her a Chistmas Gift?

Christmas in college is usually one of the best things of the year. The fact that you get to celebrate Christmas twice -- with your family at home and with your little family of campus friends -- is the icing on top of your perfect red and green, snowflake speckled cupcake! But what happens when you decide to swap presents with your roommates and you love all of them...except one. Is it rude to not get her a present?

Dec 7, 2011

Ask a Roommate: Why is My Roommate a Drunk Mess?

If you have the type of roommate who stumbles in drunk at 3am, gives you sad puppy eyes, asks for help taking off her boots and then voms in the trash bin next to your desk, then hot damn do we feel for you. Even if you yourself are buzzed from the night's festivities, there's really nothing to soften to blow of knowing you're going to be awake babysitting a 21 year old...all night.

Nov 30, 2011

Ask A Roommate: Bringing the Bar Home

What happens when you prefer to keep your room alcohol-free and your roommate wants to turn it into a college bar at happy hour? Or vice versa. The fact that there's a clear-cut "right" answer to this dilemma doesn't make it any easier to solve. You shouldn't have booze in your room, we all know that. But one of you really, really want to just mix up a rum and coke while you straighten your hair Friday night.