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Nov 3, 2014

Tales From Beyond The Treadmill: 6 Awesome Workouts For Girls Who Hate Running

Literally one minute of running makes me feel like I'm dying.

Oct 31, 2014

Health Goth: The Fitness Trend You Need to Know

The fitness world is used to random trends rotating in and out of our gym bags, phones, and closets on a weekly basis.

Oct 23, 2014

18 Signs You Don't Belong in the Gym

You actually paid money for something that basically made you want to die.

Boost Your Immune System With Exercise [CC's ShapeU]

Right around the end of October, when the weather turns cold and our activity levels start to slow down, this...

Oct 22, 2014

9 Ways To Transition Your Fitness Routine From Warm To Cold Weather

I've decided to prep you all with a list of things you COULD be doing to make this transition a little easier AND to make sure you don't suddenly stop working out because baby it's cold outside.

Sep 24, 2014

The Perfect Dorm Room Workout to Beat the Freshman Fifteen [CC's ShapeU]

Ah yes, the freshman 15, bane of a collegiette's existence. Freshmen everywhere consider the potential for gaining weight in college, some even think it's inevitable. But it's not!

Sep 9, 2014

Sep 2, 2014

7 Back-to-School Fitness Tips & The Keg Stand Workout from MissMotivational [CC's ShapeU]

ShapeU and MissMotivational have your back with some syllabus-week hacks and fool-proof tips for staying fit, even with the parties!

Aug 26, 2014

I Love My Active Summer: The Post-Barbecue Workout

Whether you're already away at school hitting up a frat party, heading to your family lake house for a barbecue, or perhaps spending the day at the beach for a seaside clambake, this weekend's festivities will be full of food and drinks...plenty of food and drinks!

Aug 20, 2014

6 Facts You Need To Know About Running Shoes

The babes at the gym seem to always have a nailed down uniform…tight ass spandex, high pony tail, and some...

Aug 12, 2014

I Love My Active Summer: 4 Rainy Day Fitness Routines [CC's ShapeU]

In light of the recent gloomy weather that has hit my area, I decided to opt for a slightly more unconventional summer fitness post: the rainy day summer workout!

Jul 26, 2014

How to Not Drink Your Calories at Starbucks [CC Faves]

FYI: One venti white chocolate mocha can cost you 580 calories...not to mention almost 5 bucks.

May 17, 2014

6 Couch Potato Exercises for the Lazy Girl on a Lazy Saturday

With assignments, deadlines, job and internship applications and other priorities, making that trek to spend 30 minutes in the gym can be a challenge.

Nov 19, 2013

Carrie Underwood’s “Deck of Cards Workout”: Burn 600 Calories at Home [CC’s ShapeU]

Looking to mix it up? If you have time to dedicate to some serious fitness this week, this cool "deck of cards" workout from Carrie Underwood will help burn calories and kick the boredom of traditional routines.