Jul 9, 2018

Now That You’ve Graduated, Here’s How To Order A Drink Like An Adult

Time to get a little fancier with your cocktails.

May 30, 2017

Bar Sign Reminds Customers That Female Bartenders Aren’t Flirting With Them

"If dudes could stop trying to kiss our female bartender's hands that would be great."

Sep 19, 2010

CollegeCandy’s Guide to On-Campus Jobs

Going to college is so much more than hauling your butt out of bed before noon on a Friday to sit in the back of a lecture hall and attempt the daily Sudoku. In order to even be considered for a job in this economy, students are expected to pull great grades, take on multiple leadership roles on campus and still manage to avoid going completely broke (not to mention swing awesome summer internships).

The Weekly Ten: Most Annoying People at the Bar

So it's Friday. (Or Thursday, Saturday, or Tuesday....) You've got your favorite skinny jeans on, you stuffed your feet into a pair of heels that start rubbing on your baby toes before you even leave the house, and you're sipping on a little vodka/Crystal Light to get the night going.

Aug 23, 2010

House Parties Vs. The Campus Bar

I was feeling a little rebellious this past weekend, a little adventurous. So, I took a challenge and stepped out of my comfort zone by reacquainting myself with my freshman year of college. No, I didn't make out with a dude on a futon, and no I didn't burn my Easy-Mac in the microwave and induce a 4:30 AM fire alarm. I went to a house party.

Bar Fails: These Offenses Deserve a Penalty Fee

A couple of days ago three bars at Penn State were fined for “lack of alcohol training.” What?! What exactly were those bartenders doing wrong to piss off the authorities? How hard is it to open a bottle of Bud Light or mix vodka and tonic together?

Nov 8, 2009

Intro To Cooking: Autumn Drinks You’ll Fall For

My bartending style tends to run less towards the carefully measured, tried-and-true recipes and more towards the “What’s in my fridge right now?” trial-and-error method. I rarely use actual measures, because what is “good” depends on how many people are drinking, how liquored up they want to be, and how well they hold all that liquor.

Oct 5, 2009

The Weekly Ten: Sexploited!

Every week I emulate my favorite late night talk show host, David Letterman, and countdown from ten. And then, last week, my favorite late night talk show host shared with us his story of being blackmailed for fooling around with some of his staff.

Aug 10, 2009

5 Things to Learn Your First Week on Campus

I learned more my first week at college than I did in my entire life. And I don’t mean academically. I mean socially, financially, emotionally and drunk-ly. Some things took longer to figure out than others (that I should visit the ATM before I get to the bar, to avoid extra fees and my tendency to tipsily make it rain) and other things took mere minutes...

Apr 1, 2009

Miss Manners: Tipping Cheat Sheet

I know that times are tough. The economy is in the dumper and our wallets are just getting emptier and emptier. These days it seems like I can’t turn a corner or walk into a bar without having to pay somebody something. Though I know it’s hard to choose between blowing your last dollars on another pitcher of beer or tipping the bartender, as a one-time waitress, I would never ever suggest skimping on tips.

Feb 24, 2009

Learn From My Spring Break Mistakes!

Spring break can be a carefree week of fun in the sun…or two days of fun followed by five days...

Dec 20, 2008

Holiday Flings: The 4-1-1 on the H-O-T

With a month off between fall and spring semesters and neurotic parents that drive you absolutely crazy after three months...

Oct 26, 2008

Hangover Fashion: So Easy a Lush Could Do It

Alright people, let’s get two things straight. 1) I love (loooove) drinking and 2) I am pretty damn serious about...