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Missing bestie in action. If found please return ASAP.

Mar 20, 2018

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Oct 26, 2016

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Oct 22, 2015

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Feb 4, 2013

How Do I Tell My Friend Her BF Might Be Gay? [Ask A Dude]

Aside from being extremely flamboyant and touchy-feely with other men, she mentioned to me when she was drunk one night that they haven't had sex in almost a year. I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to say in a scenario like this, and I have no evidence aside from my strong suspicions.

Oct 10, 2012

Call Me, Maybe? [Ask A Dude]

He says he's into me and when we're together it's always an amazing time, but doesn't an interested guy...well...act interested?

Aug 1, 2012

Why Do Guys Talk To Their Ex? [Ask A Dude]

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about a year, and things have been great. The only issue I have is the fact that he still keeps in touch with 2 of his ex's.

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Celebs I Want to be My BFF [The Weekly 10]

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Aug 10, 2011

The Do's and Don'ts of Going to College With Your BFF

It started at the bus stop. I was probably wearing obnoxiously colored leggings and keds, and she was probably wearing a denim jumper and Mary Janes with those little white socks with the frilly edges. You know the types. She asked if I wanted to share a bus seat with her since we were in the same kindergarten class. I said yes. Fast forward 13 years, and we're texting each other about our plans for the first night of college.