May 27, 2021

Top 15 Bikini Captions & Instagram Quotes For Your Fun In The Sun

At a loss for words? Heres 30 perfect summer bikini captions to make your Instagram pop.

Feb 20, 2019

Top 5 Must-Know Ways To Master Swimsuit Shopping

Make swimsuit shopping not so dreadful

Jun 8, 2017

Cute Swimsuits 2017: Top 7 Swimsuits For Beach Season

The sun is out and it is time to get ready to do some serious beachin’. The beach can be...

One-Piece Swimsuits Are Now More Popular Than Bikinis

It'sssss a... retro, sexy, comfort-focused yellow polka dot one-piece (to the tune of "yellow polka dot bikini")

May 13, 2017

Jun 16, 2012

How To Get Bikini Ready In 7 Days

The skimpy two piece is enough to instill fear into us girls who have had a hard time avoiding the freshman fifteen or simply aren’t confident with their bodies.

Jun 18, 2011

The 10 People You'll See at the Beach This Summer

Living in South Florida means I’ve seen my fair share of beach-goers. The beaches down here are filled with beautiful people with beautiful bodies and perfect tans. However, they aren’t always filled with people who are easy on the eyes. Nor is every beach day an episode of Baywatch. As summer approaches, more and more people are heading off to the beach to catch some rays and waves -- which mean you're going to do a lot of people watching. For better or worse.

Apr 15, 2011

Check Out the New Swimsuit Collection from Express!

I'm getting a little tired of this whole "April Showers" thing. Monday was supposed to be 70 (a huge deal for anyone living in New England), but what happened instead? Rain! Again! I'm ready for those sun shiny days, filled with beach cook outs and margaritas.

Feb 10, 2011

Fashion Porn: Getting it on in the Sand

With Spring Break fast approaching (more on that here!), it's time to start thinking about what you'll be wearing with that margarita on the hot, sandy beaches. That also means it's time to get your bikini bod ready and prep yourself for the agony of swimsuit shopping.

Jul 1, 2010

Fashion Porn: Beach Cover-up Orgy

Whether you choose to wear a bikini or a one-piece, you're going to need a cover-up for going to the beach, or even just covering up a bit to avoid extreme sun exposure. Lucky for you there are some really cute options this year that will easily transition from the beach to the boardwalk (assuming you dry yourself up enough to avoid those pesky wet marks around your boobs...).

Jun 21, 2010

Body Blog: Beat the Bloat

Sodium is like that annoying, socially awkward kid who just can't take a hint. No matter where you go, he's there, usually sporting some short jorts, trying to get your attention. He knows he's not welcome, at least he should, but he can't take a hint. And then you're bloated.

Jun 3, 2010

Bikinis Are Out, One-Pieces are In!

One-pieces are totally in this summer, which has us happy as a clam since the past few weeks of finals have left no time for the gym and a lot of time for late-night food deliveries. For the first time since middle school we can actually feel sexy and trendy rockin' something at the pool that isn't a bikini (and doesn't give us uni-boob like a Speedo!).

May 31, 2010

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Die This Memorial Day

With the exception of Arbor Day, there is no "wait, what is this holiday about" holiday more dangerous than Memorial Day. Sure Columbus Day has its controversial discussions about killing Native Americans and St. Patrick's day has its suspicious green beer, but neither come close to the madness that is this 3-day weekend.

Apr 23, 2010

Budget Stylista: Norma Kamali Does Swimsuits on a Budget

We all remember that scene in the first 'Sex and the City' movie. You know, the one where Miranda's hair down there is doing a bit more than just peeking out of her suit. But if I'm being honest, when I first saw the movie I didn't even pay attention to that extra "collection" south of the border. For all I know, there could have been dread locks coming out of there because my eyes were glued to her amazing, fabulous, please-can-I-have-it-NOW Red swimsuit.