Bill Clinton

Nov 5, 2012

The Ten Best Presidents To Sleep With [The Weekly 10]

November 6th is a serious deal this year. Another serious deal? Which presidents would be the best guys to sleep with, obviously.

10 Things College Students Don't Know About Bill Clinton

This Saturday, the Decade of Difference concert will be celebrating ten years of the William J. Clinton Foundation. It has been ten years since Clinton left office, and since then he has still been trying to improve the world by protecting the environment and promoting healthier childhoods. I bet you didn't know that.

Oct 13, 2011

Politicians Every College Student Should Know

Thanks to all the technology that’s out today, I always have the latest information. Facebook events spread the word about the parties, Twitter feeds fill my day with celebrity updates, and text messages make it easy to whisper gossip directly to anyone’s inbox. But all that is just about my world. Who are the people I should know, the ones who are really making the news?

Apr 7, 2011

The 50 Most Popular Men on the Web (According to Google) 2010

How many times a week a day do you Google yourself? An embarrassing amount, right? Almost as embarrassing as the amount of time I spend diagnosing myself with fatal diseases on WebMD. But when we're not googling our own name and Facebook stalking our frenemies, we're googling (and ogling) guys. Like, a lot.

Feb 2, 2011

Feb 12, 2010

Candy Dish: Seduce Him Now

• 10 easy ways to make your man weak in the knees • Are Jen and Gerard meant to be? • Ke$ha likes drag queens and other useful info. • Lady Gaga's latest crazy look. • What's wrong with President Clinton? • Valentine's Day cards we wish existed.

Jan 20, 2010

The Rival Rundown: Georgetown vs Syracuse

Our focus this week are two Big East schools who have thirty years of history as basketball powerhouses. Syracuse and Georgetown may be known for their excellence in ballin', but they are also competitive in top-notch academics and, er, curiously named mascots. Here's to one of the most well-rounded rivalries in college sports!

Aug 1, 2009

So, It’s August…

Did you know that August was originally named Sextilis? In ancient times there seemed to be pretty high expectations for this month. But throughout history August has gained a bad reputation for being the most unfortunate month of the year.

Jul 27, 2009

Want To Get Into Politics? Here’s How!

Have you always aspired to be a politician, but didn’t know how to break into the political arena? Want to perfect that resume before you make the big move to Washington, D.C.? Looking to gain the experience needed to be one of our country's fearless leaders?

May 12, 2009

The 10 Least Snooze-Worthy Graduation Speakers

Graduation may be an exciting milestone, but the ceremony itself is far from memorable for most people. Not only is sitting in a cap and gown for three straight hours uncomfortable (especially when it's hot and that itchy rayon is rubbing against your neck), but the speeches are boring... and they go on forever. Oh, and leaving college is incredibly depressing.

Feb 6, 2009

Leave Michael Phelps Alone!

The hits keep coming for Micheal Phelps (haha hits– get it?), who has been suspended from competition for three months...