black eyed peas

Nov 4, 2010

Your Brand Spankin’ New November Pre-Party Playlist

Oh kids, do I have something special for you this month! Spectacular things are going on in the world of music right now. I scroll through my iTunes store and favorite music blogs and just get hit again and again with great new song after great new song. I can barely keep up!

Sep 13, 2010

Thanks for The Snoozefest, Taylor Swift

So if you watched the VMAs last night, you saw Taylor Swift’s yawn-inducing performance. When she took the stage and that reel of last year’s run-in with Kanye began to run, I was probably thinking the same thing as you. Wait, you were actually surprised to find out she wrote a song about someone who did her wrong? Right, because she’s never tried that one before.

Feb 1, 2010

The Grammys Performances: Who Takes the Cake? [POLL]

But the biggest question of all (well, besides why people are still giving Taylor Swift awards) is who had the best performance of them all last night. Because that's what it's all about, right? I mean, I thought the Grammys were about giving awards, but I guess I was wrong because there were, like, 4 acceptance speeches the whole night.

CollegeCandy’s Grammy Drinking Game

This Sunday, January 31st, the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air on CBS. And you must know what we're thinking: it's the perfect excuse to drink on a Sunday! (Until the Super Bowl, that is.) Nothing goes better with good music than an ice cold beer (or 12), so we at CollegeCandy have come up with the perfect drinking game to accompany the big night.

Jan 29, 2010

From Popeater: And The Award Goes To….Oops?

This past Saturday, the Black Eyed Peas showed up at the NRJ Awards (the top music awards show in France), and won the award for best international group. Just one more step in the unending world-wide dominance of the Black Eyed Peas, right? Wrong! The group was actually given the award by mistake. The new winner was announced, to the sound of boos.

Jan 26, 2010

The 2009 Mega Mix

There is no better way to remember a year than with music. Especially music that gets overplayed every hour on the radio. Those songs just take you back and no matter how many years later, you'll always remember where you were and what you were doing when those mega hits came out.

Jun 24, 2009

10 Reasons We Wanna “Will.I.Am” Perez Hilton

Like most people, I thought this entire Perez vs. Will.I.Am sitch would be long over by now. But who am I kidding? This is Perez Hilton we're talking about. He's still dragging out the Miss California trainwreck out and it's been months.

Jun 22, 2009

Perez Hilton Gets Black Eye (Pea’d)

After reading the news of Will.I.Am's alleged assault on Perez Hilton (the thought of which just makes me giddy), I feel like I need Seth Meyers to do one of his "Really?" news bits from Saturday Night Live.

Sep 9, 2008

Fashion Rocks 2008: The Classy, Sassy, & Strange

You know how everyone loves to pick apart celebrity outfits — and also listen to awesome music, perferably at the...

Sep 8, 2008

Red Carpet Fashion At The 2008 MTV VMAs

As usual, last night’s Video Music Awards blew.  The geniuses at MTV have succeded in turning what was once a...

May 4, 2008

PLEASE Change the Station: Songs You Hate to Love (or just hate)

You know how it is; you’re in the gym and, even though you’ve forgotten your iPod, the radio station that’s...

Jan 11, 2008

80’s Music Makes You Skinny

I don’t really exercise. Don’t care for it too much. My excuse being, I live in Manhattan and walk constantly,...

Jul 25, 2007

Throw a Toweldown and Relax!

Going to the beach is a process. Sand and sun, snacks and toys…there’s a lot to carry and a lot...