May 2, 2012

10 Reasons My BlackBerry is Better Than My Boyfriend

Boys. Not always quite as reliable as we would like, are they? I blame rom coms for raising my expectations when it comes to relationships.

Oct 14, 2011

How To Communicate Without Your Phone

In light of the recent Blackberry outages, which just so happened to coincide with the day before the iPhone 4S was released (conspiracy alert!), it's come to our attention that we are obsessed with our phones. We can't go five minutes without checking our phones to see if we have texts, emails, tweets, or Facebook messages.

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Oct 8, 2011

Sidekicks Aren’t Just For Superheroes: A Phone Review

We all remember seeing pictures of Paris Hilton at a club texting on her pink, bedazzled T-Mobile Sidekick phone. Well just as Paris Hilton has changed (her hair is longer), so has the T-Mobile Sidekick.

Aug 24, 2011

Smartphone Face Off: Blackberry vs. iPhone

There's no accessory more essential for a college girl than a cell. It is THE major form of communication in college and there's really no better way to make plans, organize parties and stay in touch with friends on the go. Oh and how else would you be able to send casual 2 am texts to the person you like? "Oh hey, what are you up to? Yeah, let's definitely watch a movie right now. At 2 am. Your roommates aren't home, right?"

Apr 20, 2011

Web Spy: LiveProfile

Ok, I'm going to come right out and admit that this week's post isn't a website, despite the fact that this column is called "Web Spy." But recently, I found out about an cool mobile app and I have to share it! LiveProfile is an awesome messaging app for your smartphone. It's faster and better than texting, because it shows you exactly when a message is delivered, read, and when a response is being typed. It also lets you share photos, videos, add status updates, and update to Facebook or Twitter.

Feb 26, 2011

7 Free and Fabulous Shopping Apps

As college girls our cell phones are our life lines. Our way to contact our friends. To google nagging questions. To check our e-mail and update our Facebook. We utilize them as much as we possibly can in every way we can. From scheduling to shopping. Shopping? Yes, shopping.

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Feb 7, 2011

Surviving Senior Year: What I Won’t be Missing

I think it’s obvious by now that there are a lot of things I’m going to miss about being a college student. Friends. Three day weekends. The ability to plan my schedule around the latest episode of Glee. Things like that make the idea of leaving in three months and never looking back completely horrifying.

Texting Is Going To Kill You!

If research can be trusted, texting is officially the scariest epidemic plaguing society since H1N1. Or the bed bug outbreak. Or Speidi. And I’m not just talking about texting while driving, because we all know that's just stupid. According to a recent study, people who text a lot (I've got one thumb pointed at myself....and the other texting my BFF) are more likely to start fights and binge drink.

Nov 9, 2010

Web Spy: ReQall

How familiar does this scenario sound to you? You're driving in your car or walking to class when you suddenly get a great idea or remember you have to do something...but by the time you get a chance to write it down, you've already forgotten it. Or maybe you simply forgot to write down an assignment right when it was assigned...and then forget to turn it in.

Sep 1, 2010

One Month Challenge: Facebook Diet, Week 4

So I have now gone four mostly Facebook-free weeks. Which is saying something considering my little incident last weekend. I swear the universe was playing games with me for my final week of this challenge.

Aug 28, 2010

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Jul 21, 2010

Oh, How I Have EVOlved!

Growing up, all the kids in my class had plenty of fodder to make fun of me. I was overweight, my hair was terrible, and --- the nail in my social coffin to be sure --- I always had ugly cell phones.

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Mar 2, 2010

Canada Is Awesome and Here’s Why

This week's Weekly Ten, Why Canada Deserves Silver, stirred up quite the controversy yesterday. Seriously, I didn't see this much hate on CollegeCandy since one writer expressed her disdain for Taylor Swift. And rightfully so. Yes it was meant to be a joke, but we in Canada aren't entirely laughing with you.

Jan 1, 2010

The Best Products of 2009

I am a huge sucker for, well, lack of a better word, stuff. I'm not A&E "Hoarders" bad, but I love to shop and I love fun, innovative products, even if they don't really benefit me in any way. Neti Pot anyone?

Dec 30, 2009

Small Changes That Will Have Big Results in 2010

With every new year comes a handful of far-fetched resolutions and often unrealistic goals we set for ourselves. We vow to be better in the new year: to be thinner, study more, drink less, exercise more, etc, etc. And then we throw them all away during our post-NYE hangover the next morning.

Dec 21, 2009

What Do You Want Most This Year? [POLL]

As much as we all know we should be giving back this season, with all the goodness that's out there it's impossible not to want. The problem is, what do I want most? I know I can't get it all (no matter how much they love me, I know my parents won't be getting me a BMW this year) so I gotta choose the top dogs for my holiday list.

Aug 7, 2009

The CC Weekly Weigh In: Eff You, Technology!

I am, without a doubt, addicted to technology. I spend 10 hours a day in front of my computer and the minute I step away, I'm checking my email/Facebook/Twitter/IMs/stock market reports from my iPhone. (Note: stock market reports are a real downer these days.)

Jul 6, 2009

Weekly Ten: Addictive iPhone Apps

I used to be extremely opposed to the iPhone. I mocked it, I thought it was childish and a waste. I was a proud user of the Blackberry for many years... until one day my Blackberry began to fail me. Calls were dropped (thanks a lot AT&T) and the phone was beginning to deteriorate. I was ready for an upgrade.

Jun 10, 2009

Miss Manners: When Modern Technology Meets Modern Etiquette

These days, it seems like the etiquette rules of the past just can’t keep up with the changing face of communication. Now, I like my cell phone as much as the next person, but there are some things you just shouldn’t do with a phone…

Apr 30, 2009

Fashionably Techie: Tech for The Real World

Remember when you started college and you got a bunch of cool new stuff? Everything was shiny and new and you were off on a great adventure. A lot has changed since then. Now you’re all disillusioned by jerky professors and “real world” problems. Oh, and your laptop is an antique.

Apr 29, 2009

Candy Dish: Say It Ain’t So, Jon Gosselin!

• Is Jon cheating on Kate plus 8? • Those SARS masks aren't going to help you. • I want a Blackyellowberry. • Animal print rings: the perfect amount of rawr. • Ben Affleck and Jen Garner make me awwww. • Fox chooses Idol over Obama.

Apr 22, 2009

Money Matters: Smart Splurges in Celebration of Your Tax Refund

Overall, this is sad, but in a couple of weeks I'll be getting nearly a G in tax returns. Yeah, that's a crapload of money. But when I look back at all the hours I worked in 2008, it also makes me realize... I made jack sh*t.

Apr 20, 2009

I’m Torn: Smart Phones

The world is a changin' my friends, and I so don't want to be left behind. That's kind of how I feel with the whole blackberry/iPhone phenomenon. Here I am with my little, dinky LG chocolate. I used to think my phone was so cool- - I mean, it's frickin red and can play music -- but now I'm not so sure.

Apr 16, 2009

Fashionably Techie: Nintendo’s Newest Toy

Moving is hard but it was all made better by my new toy, the Nintendo DSi. Nothing takes the stress of packing boxes away quite like a little video game action. Now, I was a little ambivalent about purchasing this item. I mean, I'm an adult... and it’s a Gameboy, but upon finding that I got a $70 dollar credit when I traded in my DS Lite, I figured, hey, why not?

Mar 14, 2009

Avoid The Drunken Text!

Oh Sunday mornings. There’s nothing quite like stumbling out of a lofted dorm bed in last night’s stretched-out leggings, wayward bobby pins dangling from stringy bangs. You brush your teeth, rub the eyeliner crusties from your eyes and attempt to scrub off that not-so-fetching jungle juice stain on your chin. You're still trying to get the mascara off your cheek when it hits you. Did you text him?

Feb 19, 2009

Sexy Time: Guys Are Like Cell Phones…

Sex is kinda like a cell phone. You can live without it, but in the end, would you really want...

Dec 18, 2008

Fashionably Techie: Before or After

Like a magpie, you gravitate towards things that are shiny: cell phones, TVs, anything that allows you to play Rock...

Nov 23, 2008

7 Ways a SuperGirl Stays Organized

Are you Wonder Woman? Do you balance more activities, projects, and tasks than there are hours in a day? Do...

Nov 4, 2008

We’ve All Been There: Phone in the Toilet

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

Oct 24, 2008

Celebrity Chic on The Cheap: High School Musical moves to the North Pole.

[Every weekour style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for you, our poor college fashionista. What does...

Oct 8, 2008

Duff Wants You To Stop Saying “That’s So Gay”

It boggles our mind each and every time we hear someone say "that's so gay" -- and yet it still...

Sep 17, 2008

The Google Phone?

Move over Crackberry. Step aside, iPhone. There’s a new boy in town and he aims to be bigger and better...

Aug 23, 2008

Paris Hilton Blackberry Diary, August 23

So I know I haven’t written in like forever, but it’s time for me to tell you that me and...

Aug 16, 2008

A Love Letter to the Upper East Side

Dear Upper East Side, I’m writing this letter with sadness in my heart and hot fudge in my hair. I’ve...

Jul 31, 2008

Paris Hilton for President: That’s Hot 2008

So here’s the sitch: John “I’m not dead yet” McCain likened Barack “Too Sexy for this presidency” Obama to Paris...

Jul 30, 2008

Remember When a Blackberry Was Just Another Fruit?

I’m always a step behind on the latest phone trend. By the time I got a rotary phone in my...

Jul 17, 2008

Dating in the Stone Age

Remember back when your parents met? How did your parents meet, anyway? Mine worked at the same ad agency and...