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Jul 22, 2010

5 Traits of Irresistible College Dudes

Recently, while busily browsing through YourTango, I came across an enlightening post about the '7 Traits of Irresistible Men.' I read it in between wistful sighs with my head in my hands...the irresistible man...mmmm. Before I knew it, I was seeing my ideal dude, tossing his thick tresses around under an exotic waterfall. Mid-gaze he winked at me as a droplet of water fell from his thick black eyelashes...

Jun 16, 2010

Ask a Dude: Can I Date My Ex’s Friend?

Hey Dude, I have a question about the supposed unwritten rule that guys can't go after their friend's exes. While me and my boyfriend were dating, I became really close with his best friend, developing into a friendship some might call an "emotional affair."

Jun 10, 2010

Men Are More Emotional Than Woman. Wait, What?!

Remember those nights when you spent 5+ hours talking on the phone with your girlfriends about what your man friend was trying to tell you when he texted you, "Good Night" with a winky face? Well ladies, you're not alone. A recent study has shown that men actually over-analyze and get more emotional about relationships than women do!

Bromances Aren’t Built On Intimacy

While spending some much needed time with my guy friends, I've noticed something rather peculiar about them lately. Besides learning that I will be physically removed from the room if I utter a word during episodes of Lost, I have come face to face with their overly homoerotic relationships they hold with one another.

Bad Boyfriend Rehab

Somehow in the past year it became common practice for famous husbands to cheat on their wives (multiple times) and drag them through an insane media circus culminating in a trip to rehab.

Mar 31, 2010

Hoes Over Bros – Why It Never Works

Once upon a time, there was a girl. And her friend. And a boy. Girl meets boy, girl likes boy,...

Feb 27, 2008

What Boys Like: Male Stereotypes Are Less Accurate Than You Think

One is not born, but rather becomes, a dude. This, at any rate, is the conclusion suggested by a recent...

Feb 26, 2008

“You’re Cool, But I’m Gonna Go Make Out with Your Friend Now.”

The world is just too small. The more involved you get in any particular social circle or subculture, the more...