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Jun 8, 2009

I’m Torn: Caffeine

I, like so many people I know, can't function without a big mug of Joe in the morning (and one in the afternoon). My eyes won't even open until the heavenly scent of coffee hits my olfactory glands. Yes, I even grab one on the way to the gym. It's not my fault - I've been conditioned by our go, go, go and caffeine-obsessed culture.

Apr 29, 2009

Money Matters: Cut Costs Now to Splurge This Summer

There are only a few weeks left of the Spring 2009 semester, so how are you going to spend your summer? If you're like many poor students across the country, you're going to waste at least the first month of summer vacay working (and sweating) your ass off in the grueling heat in order to pay off the debt you racked up this term.

Apr 22, 2009

Coffee is Good, Vegetables Are Not

Health guidelines and facts are constantly changing as we learn more about the human body and what we need to stay strong. To maintain optimal health, you need to keep up to date with the newest in fitness, nutrition and medical research. Check out the latest headlines about that unique body of yours:

Weekly Wrap Up: We Love You, Coffee!

I'm fairly confident that if it weren't for coffee, I'd never make it to Friday. Sure, Dr. Hyman thinks it's easy to give it up, but I just don't know. I basically keep the coffee maker next to my bed - if I can't get up without it, how does that man expect me to get through the day?!

Apr 3, 2009

Candy Dish: Amy Poehler’s No Tina Fey

We heart Amy Poehler, but it seems we may be alone. What we don't heart: life without caffeine.

Mar 27, 2009

Low Energy Lull? 5 Ways to Recharge!

Midterms, sleep deprivation, icky weather, oh my. In these gray, stressful times, exhaustion can take over.

Mar 20, 2009

Feb 3, 2009

We’ve All Been There: The All-Nighter

[It doesn’t matter what school you go to, what state it is in, how big it is, whether it is...

Dec 10, 2008

What Not to Do to Study for Exams

Exam week can be pretty intense. All you want is to pack up your shizz and go home to party...

Nov 1, 2008

Stay Starbucks Savvy…at Home!

If you’re as addicted to caffeine as I am, you are probably broke (not to mention a real gem in...

Sep 27, 2008

Tailgate’s Over…How to Stay Strong

With football season well underway, I bet I can guess how a lot of your Saturdays pan out: 7 a.m....

Aug 11, 2008

Candy Dish: Dubya Likes Him Some Beach Volleyball

George W. likes what he sees at the Olympics Cuteness Alert: High-fiving dog and adorable baby A “Trophy Ring” for...

Jul 13, 2008

Can Coffee Affect Your Reproductive System?

I can easily pinpoint my caffeine addiction to my first year of college, when I worked part-time as a barista...

Jul 7, 2008

My Feet Will No Longer Suffer For Style

I have about a seven block walk from the bus to work every morning. During those seven blocks, I’m usually...

Jun 25, 2008

Just HOW Dangerous is Dangerous When it Comes to Energy Drinks, Part Deux.

About two weeks ago, I decided that it would be an amazingly brilliant idea to try different energy drinks. I...

Jun 14, 2008

The Master Cleanse, Day 1

I am not a diet kind of girl. I’ve never South Beached, or Jenny Craiged, or SlimFasted, or Atkinsed, or...