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Nov 30, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Ashley Greene is Cute and Classic

After exercising regularly and eating moderately healthy for a couple of months, I went home and proceeded to gorge myself for approximately four days straight. The end result - a food baby. So while usually I'm all about sleek, bodycon ensembles, this week, I wanted to find a fashionable but forgiving ensemble, and luckily, the lovely Ashley Greene (the best Cullen?) delivered.

Nov 2, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Olivia Wilde is Lovely in Lace

At some point in the last few months, I started to actively like Olivia Wilde. She's refreshingly honest and doesn't try to present herself as being absurdly free of flaws. She actually seems like someone I would meet in real life. Gorgeous and well put together, but has probably splashed her Starbucks latte on her shirt more than once and stumbles in her five inch heels like everyone else (or maybe I'm just projecting...).

Oct 5, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Sarah Jessica Parker is Simply Chic

Of course I also have to respect SJP as a fashionista, because she is fearless, not afraid to mix different patterns, and is willing to embrace any aesthetic. She's always fun to watch, and I love that in a fashionista.

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kirsten Dunst is Polka Dot Pretty

Polka dot is a classic print. It is understated enough to be formal, but still whimsical enough to be dressed down. This polka dot blouse could easily be layered under a blazer and paired with your favorite black skirt to create a more sleek look, but I'm also a huge fan of the way Kirsten paired hers with a white maxi skirt.

Sep 14, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Pippa Middleton Looks Good in Nude

Luckily, Pippa Middleton was around to add some sass and excitement. I honestly didn't follow that much of the royal wedding coverage, but from what I understand, she's sort of an Olivia Palermo mixed with a little bit of old school Nicole Richie and a dash of Paris Hilton. Essentially, flawless.

Aug 31, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Eva Longoria is Wonderous in White

I've been obsessed Eva Longoria ever since the very first episode of Desperate Housewives. In addition to her beauty, her comedic timing is impeccable, and she's always seemed really down to earth and like a total delight to be around (my friends who have run into her in Texas have confirmed this!). She has a low-key style that is sophisticated and chic, with subtle trendy elements popping up occasionally.

Aug 24, 2011

Apr 13, 2011

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Emma Roberts is a Knockout in Knee Highs

Emma Roberts starred in a lot of my favorite C/D-list projects back in the day (like Unfabulous and Aquamarine - don't judge me) but this Friday, we're all going to be able to see her in the highly anticipated fourth installment of the Scream series. I am beyond stoked to see if her horror movie acting chops are equally as awesome as her comedic timing.

Dec 1, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Jessica Alba is Gorgeous and Glam

Jessica Alba has been taking a break from the big screen lately, choosing to focus on raising her daughter and tweet about feeling fly like a G6. Yet, she is still a solid fixture in all the tabloids, because for some reason, everyone is still obsessed with the fact that celebrities procreate (and look fabulous while doing so).

Nov 17, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Rihanna is Lovely in Layers

There's no way I could continue to write a fashion column without highlighting Rihanna. This girl is one of the most eclectic celebrities out there. One day, the paparazzi snaps photos of her in suspenders and harem pants; the next, you could easily see her in a body-contouring mini-dress with 6-inch stilettos...going out to lunch.

Nov 3, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Halle Berry is Sophisticated and Sexy

Halle Berry is a critically acclaimed, history-making, Academy Award winning actress. A former Bond Girl. A mother. And, obviously, a regulation hottie. She made super-short hair desirable. She's always on "most beautiful/sexiest" lists...

Oct 27, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Selena Gomez is Subtly Sassy

I adore Selena Gomez. Her face looks as if it were lifted from a porcelain doll. Her hair is so luminous and luxurious. Her music is perfect for those times when you're dancing in front of the mirror in your PJs with your hairbrush (in contrast to those times when you're dancing in front of the mirror in your highest stilettos and a bottle of Smirnoff)

Oct 6, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Hilary Duff is Comfortably Chic

Remember back in 2004 when everyone (after we had pledged our allegiances to Team Jen or Team Angelina) had to choose between Team Lindsay and Team Hilary? For awhile, it seemed like Lindsay was the winner.

Sep 29, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Kourtney Kardashian is Floral and Fabulous

Kourtney Kardashian is totally my favorite Kardashian sister (no, I'm not ashamed that I even have a fave). Did you know that she's the only one who went to college?

Sep 15, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Leighton Meester is Effortlessly Cool

[Welcome to Celebrity Chic on the Cheap, where our style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for...

Sep 1, 2010

Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Christina Aguilera Goes Casual

I’m an unabashed Xtina lover. She snagged me with “Reflections” (yes, I took it all the way back to Mulan), and I’ve stuck with her through her various musical and aesthetic reinventions, from the dirty to the vintage to the futuristic.