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Jul 23, 2009

The Pros and Cons of the Long Distance Relationship

Ah, the LDR. Should you do it? Shouldn’t you? For some people, it’s not so bad, and for others, it’s absolutely never going to work. But if you find the right person and it just happens to be the wrong time in your life to physically be in the same place, is an LDR worthwhile?

Jun 10, 2009

Miss Manners: When Modern Technology Meets Modern Etiquette

These days, it seems like the etiquette rules of the past just can’t keep up with the changing face of communication. Now, I like my cell phone as much as the next person, but there are some things you just shouldn’t do with a phone…

Apr 23, 2009

Fashionably Techie: Recycle Those Electronics

Happy late Earth Day! You probably don’t think of tech gadgets when you think of saving the planet but you should. I mean think about how many new cell phones you’ve gotten in the past two years. For most people it’s at least two (or more if you’re accident/drop-in-the-toilet prone).

Fashionably Techie: Spring Savings!

So it’s March. Time of leprechauns and half-nice weather. It’s also a time of sales. Tech sales. So here’s some sites to find some cool stuff for cheap. Because everyone loves cheap.

OMG! Text Messaging is Saving the World!

Texting: we all do it. A lot. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s especially useful when making a phone call...

Feb 2, 2009

Txt me l8r: Confessions Of A Text-A-Holic

A couple of weeks ago, when my cell phone (endearingly named Dino, since it was probably manufactured during the Jurassic...

Aug 4, 2008

Candy Dish: The Teen Choice Awards Dominated by The JoBros

Apparently the Teen Choice Awards were on last night, or something? Yeah, we didn’t know either. But here are some...

Aug 1, 2008

Contacts You Love… and Don’t Remember Meeting

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in college, it’s that half of the contacts in my phone are people I...

Jul 21, 2008

Is It Possible to Have Too Many Friends?

My phone is ringing. Again. And again. And again. At 4 a.m. my ex calls, just to shoot the breeze....

Jul 17, 2008

Dating in the Stone Age

Remember back when your parents met? How did your parents meet, anyway? Mine worked at the same ad agency and...

Apr 2, 2008

iRecycling: Easier Than You Think!

It happens every year. School ends, your lease runs its course and its time to pack up all your sh*t...

Dec 20, 2007

MTV Wants YOU To Vote!

MTV wants you to be informed in 2008. The network has recruited 51 youths to report on the 2008 presidential...

Jul 26, 2007

What Your Cell Phone Says About You

For the longest time, I was a cell phone dissident. But then I got one and realized the euphoria that...