Jun 10, 2021

5 Fashionable, Feminine and Fictional Cosplays

Cosplay is a fun way for male and female fanatics of tv shows, movies, books, and video games to represent...

'Sesame Street' Returns With Five New Seasons

This article is brought to you by the letter, "H."

Aug 13, 2015

15 Lies Your Favorite Childhood Shows Taught You

1. A watermelon would grow in your stomach if you ate the seeds.

Jun 11, 2015

Jun 3, 2015

Your Favorite Childhood Toy Is Getting A Major Makeover

Barbie is finally going to look more like us.

Nov 2, 2014

10 Things That Pissed Your Parents Off When You Were a Kid [PHOTOS]

Okay so pretty much everything we did when we were kids was an attempt to piss our parents off. Hey,...

May 6, 2012

Ten 90s Commercials You've Probably Forgotten [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

It's my last day as an intern here at CC (tear). And because CC Editor Alex knows me so well, she knows that the greatest goodbye present she could have given me was a piece of 90s nostalgia. My love for the strange/awesome/tacky things of the 90s is well documented. I'm not sure quite why I love it all so much, but 90s kitsch really bring joy to my heart. So what did Editor Alex show me? The commercial for Nickelodeon Magazine!

Apr 18, 2012

7 Pop Songs From Our Youth That Were Actually Really Dirty

In a not-really-surprising move, British boyband The Wanted has revealed that their song "Glad You Came" is about orgasms. Glad you came, get it? It seems awfully obvious when you think about it. Being a boyband, The Wanted has a pretty young audience. A lot of their listeners are probably too young to pick up on the dirtier aspects of the song. What a surprise they'll be in for in a few more years.

Mar 21, 2012

How Many of These Old-School Candies Did You Eat as a Kid? [Photos]

In so many ways, we really had it good as kids. We had awesome cartoons, excellent (read: awful) fashion, and most of all, really great candy. Am I right? There are so many candies that used to be all over the place that I never see anymore. Of course, there are always the classic candy bars that stick around forever. The weirder stuff might not last as long, but it sure does bring back memories.

Mar 13, 2012

Did You Wear These Ugly Shoes as a Kid? [Photos]

Do you ever look back at old photos of yourself as a kid and think, what was I wearing? Luckily, we grew up in the 90s, which is an excellent excuse for horrible fashion choices. So many awful things were happening in fashion then. One thing in particular that little kids get away with is ugly shoes. So many of the shoes we wore as kids seemed awesome at the time, but were really atrocious.