Dec 23, 2011

Friday Faves: Winter, a Love/Hate Relationship

It's usually about mid-August, after a summer of humid hair messes and chaffing, I am begging Mother Nature to let winter come. I want to be able to not start dripping the second I step outdoors, I’m bored of all my summer clothes and overall just over the season in general.

Dec 10, 2011

Cold, Colder, Coldest: 4 Winter Looks You're Going to Love

So winter arrived in a big way this week. I went from complaining that it was never going to get cold to injecting a hot chocolate drip in my arm. And while most years I use the cold as an excuse to dress like the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2: Kevin's Parents are so Self Involved They Don't Notice When He's Not On Their Plane...Again, this year I decided to change it up and actually dress like a real person during the winter months.

Jan 28, 2011

Friday Faves: Snow Days Then and Now

Remember when you were a little kid, and you’d actually wake up on time for school… just so you could huddle next to the radio and listen for your school to be called on the list of snow days? With winter’s doom impending and temperatures dropping faster than an eight ball at Amy Winehouse’s flat, we can’t help but cross our fingers and pray… Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

6 Tips to Endure This Cold Ass Winter

It's official. It's effing cold out there people. As Jay Leno so proudly stated recently; "It was so cold in Minneapolis, Brett Favre was texting pictures of his chestnuts roasting over an open fire..." Basically, things are getting pretty desperate. And, the cold isn't only ruining peoples social lives and baby soft skin in the midwest.

Fashion Porn: Winter Accessories Get it on

As of next week it's officially winter. For those of you that have been piling on layers of clothing already, this will come as no surprise. You've already been wrapping the scarves around your neck, putting on a hat while praying you don't get horrendous hat hair and crawling around every morning looking for that second mitten (while wondering aloud why they don't make those mitten clips for anyone over the age of 6).

Intro to Cooking: Cranberry Applesauce

This Week's Ingredient: Cranberries! They're sweet. They're tart. They're harvested from bogs. And they're a deep, beautiful, fire-engine hue. If your only exposure to cranberries is in combination with their fermented partner, vodka, then you're totally missing out (not to mention that the "cranberry juice" served in bars is basically just sugar water).

Jun 6, 2010

Dec 2, 2009

Have an Eco-Friendly Winter

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. Even though I live in snowless California, I still love cozying up at home during the cold winter months. The only downside to the winter wonderland lifestyle is the negative eco-side effects that are often associated with high thermostat levels and twinkle lights.

Sep 2, 2009

Pretty in Green

Although I am a firm believer in leading an environmentally-friendly life, I am first and foremost a college-aged woman. And what does that mean? It means I am absolutely unwilling to look ugly just for the sake of the environment.

Mar 28, 2009

The Love List: Lovin’ Single

So I'm single. And not only am I single - I am a single lady who is not looking for someone to put a ring on it anytime soon. If my grandma reads that she will probably have a heart attack, but I stand by my word (although I do promise to come visit her at the hospital).

Mar 6, 2009

The End of Winter To-Do List

The countdown to spring has began. Soon enough we will be breaking out the sun-dresses and flip flops, pouring lemonade...

Mar 6, 2009

The Freshman Experience: Sick at College

So finally it is spring…well, at least the snow is sort of melting here, and the temperature is starting to...

Jan 26, 2009

Labor of Love: Best Chicken Soup Ever

It’s that time of year again: cold season. Ew. I’ve been noticing more people sneezing, which is why sanitizer is...

Jan 22, 2009

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How to Have a Great Weekend Without Getting Frostbite

There’s something that doesn’t seem quite right about the fact that a college student is more likely to skip class...

Jan 6, 2009

Night Styler: It May Be Cold, But You Can Still Look Hot!

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on...

Dec 17, 2008

Snow Days: Then and Now

Remember when you were a little kid, and you’d actually wake up on time for school… just so you could...