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College Life

Aug 5, 2016

The Pimm’s Cup: The Only Drink You’ll Need This Summer

This is the only drink you'll need in August.

May 18, 2016

16 Amazing Countries To Consider If You’re Planning To Study Abroad

We know, we know, you’ve probably heard it over and over again from your friends when they returned from their...

Mar 13, 2016

You’re Not A Real UNC Chapel Hill Student Unless…

23. Spring LDOC is the best day of your semester.

Mar 8, 2016

38 Thoughts All Girls Have While Getting Ready

So when can I get back into bed again?

Mar 6, 2016

9 Things To Expect When You Transfer Colleges

Let me tell you: It was an adjustment.

Mar 6, 2016

7 Reasons Every College Student Should Take An Art Class

You won't take an art class without learning something new.

Dec 8, 2015

The Twelve Days Of Finals Week

On the 12 days of finals week, my work ethic gave to me...

Sep 22, 2015

8 College Girl Problems That Aren’t As Serious As They Seem

College is not the time for sweating the small stuff.

Sep 13, 2015

37 Thoughts We All Have While Driving to Work

If you’re like us, your drive to work is much more than a 10-minute ride around the block, which naturally...

Jul 19, 2015

Tips for Finding Your First Apartment

Getting your first real apartment is exciting… even if it’s with a roommate (or two). Honestly, anything is better than...

Jun 30, 2015

14 Reasons Why You NEED To Get Back To College Like Yesterday

TBH, the only thing you might miss more than your girls is their closets.

May 21, 2015

Columbia Student Carries Rape-Protest Mattress at Graduation

'Mattress Girl' Emma Sulkowicz stayed true to her word & carried 50 lb rape-protest mattress at Columbia University graduation ceremony.

Apr 20, 2015

10 Struggles Only Night Owls Understand

Who wants to catch a worm anyway?

Apr 18, 2015

10 Things Life Is Too Short For

Like leaving behind the last slice of pizza.

Apr 16, 2015

7 Shows That Got The Colleges Years All Wrong

There's one thing that seems to hold up about pretty much every teen TV show: That they almost always go downhill when they send their characters to college.

Apr 12, 2015

The 11 People You Will Inevitably Meet In College

There are some people who will change you for the better, others who will just annoy you - but these are just a few of the people you're bound to meet in college.